The planned eye-care project

The planned eye-care project

The letter provides an overview of the planned eye-care project which involves ……… conducted by a team of different professionals. The identification of the project utilized different perspectives that provided an opportunity to seek extensive information from the market and potential clients. After identifying the project, each member contributed different views regarding the management and the ability to provide adequate services in the market.

The development of the quality product was one of the collective opinions presented by the group members. Each of them had different views regarding the development of a unique product that would suit the needs of the clients.  Besides, each of the members emphasized on innovation as one of the core factors that would enhance the company’s performance and development of unique products. Apart from the ability of members to contribute to the development of the new project, most of them identified the aspect of the green economy thus providing an opportunity for identification of eco-friendly products

Most of the strategies would have had a significant impact on the development of the project. However, there was a need for innovation and marketing strategies were the most influential opinions. It enhanced the ability of the project to gain momentum in the market. Innovation was viewed as one of the steps that would market the project and create a unique and competitive product. The step is also important in the diversification of business when there is high completion. Furthermore, having an eco-friendly production method and, utilizing renewable resources is vital in creating safe and quality products. Therefore, most two opinions played a crucial role in the development of the project.

Having every detailed strategy and plans was one of the primary goals of the project planning. Furthermore, the creation of new ways of overcoming production challenges was also prioritized in the group. However, I think that future strategies should further look to risk mitigation strategies to developing reliable means of addressing organizational problems such as lack of accountability and inability of the project to take the necessary planned strategies. Management is also required for the project. For example, utilization of the top-bottom leadership is one of the most common for significant projects. However, other appropriate leadership styles should be utilized with the aim of positively influence productivity. Based on what the members introduced it was evident that there was a need to identify the right management strategies while focusing on improving new strategy and policy implementation for the new project.

The members discuss the issues and conflicts identified during the project planning strategies.  The discussion provided an opportunity for the members to determine the cause of the disputes and develop solutions aimed to reduce the conflicts. For example, some of the members conflicted on the introducing marketing methods that would be used to introduce,  the product to the consumers. Having the basic understanding of consumer behaviors and project management strategies the team was able to address the differences and develop reliable methods aimed at studying different markets and introducing the products only after useful marketing analysis.

The team aimed to introduce new and competitive products. As a result, a group of members was selected with the aim of achieving both long term and short-term goals. Besides, the project focused on addressing significant challenges faced by the clients. For example, identifying issues linked competition,  client satisfaction and the ability of the company to meet the required standards to develop new products.

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