The proposed community day to ensure that all the litigants

The proposed community day to ensure that all the litigants

According to Kotter’s 8 steps of change management, the proposed community day to ensure that all the litigants’ cases a are heard in one day will be essential in ensuring that justice is served in a fast way. However, the project faces different barriers which might hinder its success. Firstly, all the stakeholders need to be trained on their roles during the community day before we embark on the project.  Secondly, the county will need to set aside additional funds to ensure that the process is funded and runs smoothly.  Kotter affirms that identifying different barriers to a change process and coming up with the necessary actions to mitigate the barriers ensure that a change process is affected (Kotter, 2006). This will ensure that all the offices, judges and jury working overtime are compensated adequately.  The community day will also involve effectively running campaigns to sensitize citizens on the new system. By doing so, the judicial justice system will ensure that most litigants receive fast and reliable verdicts. In addition to that, the community day is expected to reduce the number of criminals roaming around in the streets as a result of prolonged judgments’. The action plan that will be adopted will be ensuring that there is enough personnel through a recruitment process. Additionally, a supplementary budget will be drafted to ensure that any financial implications of the community day are met.  Running community programs aimed at sensitizing American citizens of the new and fast hearing process will ensure that they actively participate.

Ensuring that four community days are held every month will be a short-win for the project. This will be celebrated by giving all the stakeholders bonuses and allowances alongside certificate to encourage their hard work.  The progress of the project will be measured through weekly assessments whereby the success of the community day will be evaluated weekly. Different participants will be issued with surveys to give their response in regards to the project. In addition to that, Kotter highlights that creating short term wins also ensures that stakeholders are motivated to empower the change process (Kotter, 2006). This will be followed by an analysis to determine whether the project is a success or a failure. Additionally, to motivate all the stakeholders, promotions, vacations, and allowances will be introduced to ensure that all the stakeholders actively take part in the activity.

To accelerate the change process, I will ensure that all the resources needed for the community day are available as soon as possible. In addition to that, I will ensure that all the relevant stakeholders are briefed daily concerning the progress of the program.  Kotter’s 8 step model of change management also confirms that building the desired change is essential towards creating change (Kotter, 2006).  Working hand in hand with different leaders will also ensure that the community day is a success.  I will also ensure that I make continuous efforts to try to reach out to all the stakeholders daily to ensure that I accelerate the change.  According to kaizen continuous improvement model, following up is essential in ensuring that change is quickly implemented.

I believe that change will be a milestone in the justice department. However, sustaining the entire project will not be easy because it will require an input of all the stakeholders in the judicial service. Leaders will also be expected to continue funding the project to ensure that all the stakeholders are paid on time. I believe that most of the stakeholders will be reluctant to take part in the project because of the financial and physical implications of the project. I also think that most stakeholders will be opposed because by agreeing with the plan, they have to spare their quality time to serve citizens over time. However, I believe that the impact of the project on the community in terms of reducing the number of criminals roaming on our streets and ensuring that litigants don’t spend more than a month on one case will ensure that they support the project.



Kotter, J. P., & Rathgeber, H. (2006). Our iceberg is melting: Changing and succeeding under any conditions. Macmillan.


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