The racial bias of the US death penalty

The racial bias of the US death penalty

The American justice system has been characterized by several cases of bias throughout the period. It is a system that was established to serve the interest of the dominant and therefore, the justice system was meant to help white communities since its establishment racial discrimination is one of the factors that have affected the administration of justice. The death penalty has been a collective judgment that has proven to be among the most biased cases in the country.   Further evaluation of the facts reveals that it has been biased towards the African Americans who experience high rates of death penalties. This discussion is there for a combination of literature reviews of the various death penalties which have been characterized by biasness.

Dambrun, 2007,in his article, has established the relationship that exists between Racial prejudice and support for the death penalties across the USA.There are several factors that he points out to be the leading cause of racial discrimination in the administration of justice. One of them is social dominance. According to this theory, it is natural for a society to develop a feeling of inequality towards other people.  It explains the reasons for the increased biasness in the court system, where the white judges establish racial discrimination.His study made various observations on racial prejudice. One of that observation is that the prejudice it is driven from the phylogenetic punitive bias hypothesis which indicates that prejudiced people support the death penalty to punish other individuals who belong to different ethnic or minority group. The second observation was based on authoritarianism that alters the relationship between SDP and racial prejudice.It is therefore clear that an analysis of the non-criminal cases is based on ethnic and authoritarianism as a means of serving justice to those in power.

McAdams, 1998          studied racial disparities in the death penalty. It was based on the main reasons that drive the death penalty to be prominent among individuals of different races from that of the dominate race. His research indicates that whites dominate the criminal justice system in the USA. The victims of the death penalty are predominantly black communities.  For a judge to get more votes or to be favored in the society, especially the American set up, he or she must demonstrate his ability to serve the interests of the majority white through punishing the unwanted minority blacks in the society. In this case, the court does not provide justice, but rather serve a political interest in the region. A situation where two individuals have been engaged in a similar crime, one black and there other one white, the black individual are likely to receive a death penalty that the white if the judge or the judge is a white. It, therefore, shows the level of disparities in serving the justice in a society.The consequence of racism in the service of truth is that it leads to a politically driven system of justice that operates the minority in the order.

Soset al., 2003 investigate reasons why the white community is for the death penalty. Capital punishment in society is always based on the moral and beliefs of the organization. Therefore, the article establishes four types of character that gives the white courage to support the death penalty in the country. One of them is the increasing rate of racial attitude belief.In the USA, the come system of the country has been radicalized. I the rate of crime and violence between the whites and the black led to a formed opinion of the criminal nature of the white community. This made the white to have a strong affiliation towards the racialization of the criminal justice system of the country.

The social group difference becomes the second reason for the enormous support of the death penalties by the white communities in the USA.The public support, especially that exhibit group baseness. The existence of a different social group which makes whites to be more elite in education than the blacks who are being viewed the illiterate criminals. This makes the white believe that the uneducated black’s c should be punished by death.Other aspects why the white supports death penalties include core values and attitudes and the contextual framework of the case

Lynch and Haney 2000 investigate the significant sources of discrimination sources in the court system in the USA.  The instructional in completion of the capital hurry is so much confusion. In this case, the various ways of analyzing a situation and the basis of, making a decision is a leading cause for biased death penalties. The comprehension problems are always attributed to legalistic language and convolution of the instruments. Their centrality to the administration of justice is the leading cause of the death penalty biasness in the USA. According to him, the use of complex languages in analyzing the case is the primary lead to biasness. This, therefore, reveals the increased biasedness is b based on inconsistency in the application of laws and the inability to identify the correct caused to use against a suspect. It is for this reason that the justice system of the country has not been applied in a better way and it continues to be biased towards death penalty cases.

Bodo and Johnson, 2004 evaluate the various view of the death penalty and the handling of drug use cases in the USA. It indicates that the harsh criminal justice system of the country is associated with the social psychological orientations which are based on political ideologies and the racial hatred that exist in the society. There are different views in which police view a common behavior based on the race of an individual. It is for this reason that many cases presented against the black communities are put to carry heavyweight by the police than the accessed of the white villages. As a result, there are general biasness in the delivery of justice in the country and the increased level of blacks being sentenced to death penalties than the white community in the USA.

In conclusion, the establishment of the significant disparities in the justice service can be traced from the concept of their social structure of the society.They are based on ideologies that aim to workfor some social group and work against particular social groups.An investigation on the disparities in the death penalty in the USA alone indicates a general bias towards the African Americans. The structure of the society and the presence dictatorship in the service of justice must, therefore, be observed to achieve a completely free society

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