The Second Skin 2008

The Second Skin 2008 is an American documentary film that explains the lives of individuals addicted to Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-playing games. The film focuses on the phenomenon of MMOs based on three groups of gamers. It explains the story of couples who met in Everquest 2 during their first meeting which resulted in various outcomes.  The documentary presents individuals who were addicted to the games and ended up losing everything because of MMOs. Further, the film explores a team of MMO gamers who lived in India and spent most of their time embracing the culture of players. They could live, eat, and breathe the culture of the MMO, and this indicates the extent of addiction they had to the games. Besides, the movie delves into guild dynamics through the exploration of economy and gold farming supporting the victims of MMO gamers.

The film Second Skin reveals a number of mainstream narratives to illustrate the story and lives of the gamers. It articulates the description of power and choice among the MMO gamers when they are in fields. Secondly, the movie presents the power of love and how this can be found online; several coupling and intimacy are explained in the film affirming the existence of relationships. The final theme presented in the movie talks about the coming of age, where the players grow up to realize that the game is just a game and they should be distinct from the real-life which comes first. The unfolding events in the movie are intertwined based on the presence of neoliberalism. However, the film contains unresolved tension that emerges among the characters as they join hands to make it work. Nevertheless, the documentary exposes these tensions to suppress them both unintentionally and unconsciously. This film can be linked to Social Interactions, and Social Culture demonstrated in the previous chapter of the Sociology textbook because the documentary explains the exchange between two or more people.

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