The Secret History of Wonder Woman

The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a book written by Jill Lepore, an academic author well adverse with the social problems depicted in society. The reading reveals the story behind the development of Wonder Woman, a superhuman character developed with the role of protecting the oppressed. Watching the movie ‘Wonder Woman,’ I get to comprehend the growth of the character as I rummage through the book. She represents a female superhero with the ability to confront supervillains in a male-dominated spectrum. The Secret History of Wonder Woman basing its chronology on a cultural and historical feminist angle (showing how convoluted humans are) is true because the characters depicted in the book align to women hardships and breakthroughs that develop the character ‘Wonder Woman.’

Of interest is the developer of the character Wonder Woman; psychologist William Moulton Marston who holds a Ph.D. The chronology of events is thrillingly put into context with what seems as William’s biography. The ideas outlined in an engaging and interactive approach illuminates the realism contained in the book, an integration of historical, social drifts, comics, psychology, feminism, and a real environment. The book conforms to the movie “Professor Marston & His Wonder Women” and also includes the mentioning of Charles Guyette’s-the “G-String king.” The Secret History of Wonder Woman delves into the injustices of that period, a time where women were denied the freedoms of seeking employment, especially the unmarried. In the Modern Age, though the society has achieved many landmarks concerning advocacy for women’s rights and liberties, there’s still much to be gained for them to be treated with equal standing as their male compatriots making the book very relevant. The story in The Secret History of Wonder Woman is about successful women in their right recognized for their heroic actions, in a time where women were subjected to ridicule and adverse challenges. In an opposing way to the later backup stories, the series lacked comic book characters but somewhat historical accounts.

The storyline and characters utilized in the book were credible as they aligned with the general goal of the reading-creation of role models for the feminine sex to inspire them in believing in themselves and bolster them to greater heights. The main characters in the story enshrine strength, self-belief, bravery, creativity, and being industrious. The above aspects are ideal with feminists in the already gruesome environment. The thrilling adventures illuminated in the book helps one comprehend the superhero Wonder Woman. In a real perspective, her alter ego represents an independent woman operating in the military. Of significance is that she is portrayed as an independent lady who is exemplary in both her personal and professional life. The main characters run into challenges, primarily due to the male-oriented narrative in society. The successes behind their adversities make the book engaging. Reading The Secret History of Wonder Woman eradicates the assumption by many comic lovers that Wonder Woman comics had a single chronology; Diana and nothing else. Many ladies can relate to the book as it offers a reflection to the hardships they endure. The account falls short in providing detailed information concerning the actual Wonder Woman who is a groundbreaking aspect developed from the set.

I can identify with the characteristics of the successful women recorded as I embody resilience and know what I would love to achieve-be outstanding in everything that I accomplish in my lifespan. I found the book a thrill and the interactive approach a bonus as it maintains a well-developed narrative. The author was able to capture my attention and imagination throughout the book. The 57 issues are all significant with an ideal plot relevant to society. The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a book that I would recommend to lovers of the comic or movie Wonder Woman and the champions of feminism.

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