The Sinister Arnold Friend

The author talks about the point of teenagers being driven by their naivety and desire for adventure to trusting their friends. In this cases, the “Devil” disguises as a friend, and even with all the description that the author seems to give about his odd appearance, he still has an easy way in convincing Connie to follow him and get initiated into to sex. One thing that seems evident even in the society of today is that young people are often duped into things that are not good. While they might at times have the idea that these things are right, the thrill of doing it with friends often drives their adrenaline. They would quickly accept engaging in nefarious activities without even thinking of their consequences. It is only later that they come to realize that actually, these people were lying to them.

Besides, the author seems to convey the message that the “devil” will often come in disguise of a right person or a friend. In the description that he offers, the devil is coming as a friend and enticing a person into doing something. While the intention on the surface would often seem noble, the truth is that there is always destruction at the end. One would get the realization that they have been duped when it is too late. The point that the author seems to make here is that we need to be keen on the people that we tend to trust. The author seems to offer proof through the actions that the devil leads Connie to engage in. The friend leads Connie astray and not in the right direction. In this way, it is proof that the friend was not well intended.

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