The social and personality development of a child

The social and personality development of a child

For us to understand the social and personality development of a child, we have to consider biological, social and environmental factors. The qualities, behaviors, and beliefs of a person that brings distinction and gives a unique identity to a child growth are known as the personality and social development of an individual. After birth, a child has many factors that influence his or her character in society. Below is a discussion of some of these factors.


After birth, every child has genetically inherited traits that influence his or her character and behavior. Some genes that infants adopt control the formation of their nervous system and hence alter the personality traits of a child. Temperament traits affect the social development of children. They are also known as natural factors because the child obtains them from the genes of the parents and it has no external influences.


The environment plays a critical role in shaping a child’s character and personality. What an infant sees, feels and experiences with his/her peers develops the child’s personality and way of life. The first environment of a child where he or she is born. Parenting is a critical role that shapes the morals of a child. Those parents that are keen to understand their child’s behavior in different situations can nurture and help their toddlers to develop desirable traits and adapt to different conditions and environments in life. The school environment helps a child to understand how to interact and live with his or her peers. The kid learns how to play, knows regulations and builds his or her mental capacity.

According to  Erik Erikson, the socialization process in a child takes place in phases and has a direct influence on the social and personality development of the kid. Infants naturally develop strong bonds of attachment to their parents and caregivers. Immediately after birth, a child goes through a learning process of either mistrust or trust depending on how he or she is brought up. Good parenting makes the child secure while bad care causes distrust to the child.

Culture plays a crucial role in influencing a child’s personality and social behaviors. The child subconsciously adopts the beliefs and values of his or her people. For instance, the western culture nurtures children to be competitive and individualistic while African and Asian value unity and cooperation.

Finally, the character of a child affects his or her personality development. A child develops habits through emotional, behavioral and cognitive experiences that he or she encounters. As a kid grows, he or she gets to understand his or her interests, likes and dislikes which forms a basis of the morals to develop.


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