Terror attacks have become prevalent in Asia; the recent one being the Kashmir terror attack in India. According to an article from THE STRAITS TIMES, the government of India is accusing Pakistan having a ‘direct hand’ in Kashmir terror attack. The article reports that Narendra Damodardas Mod, the Prime minister of India has vowed to take strong actions against for having a hand in this terror attack. Ganapathy (2019) reports that Mr. Mod while condoling the family of the deceased, said that their neighbor- Pakistani is in a state of illusion thinking it can demalarise India. The same sentiments were echoed by ArunJaitley who is the finance minister. According to Jaitley, there is no doubt that Pakistan had a direct hand in this particular. Ganapathy (2019) urges that India believes that Pakistan had a direct hand in the attack because Jaish-e-Mohammed took responsibility for the attack. Although Pakistan has denied any involvement in the attack, the government of India is planning to have surgical strikes and “further freezing of relations.”  Should India take this action into effect, there will harsh consequences for India.

A lot of insights can be drawn from this article. The attack is a sign that the Jaish-e-Mohammed is still strong and if strong actions are not to be taken more terror attack quickly should be expected. However, harsh actions do not mean punishing Pakistan. I believe that instead of India accusing Pakistan of the terror attack, it would be imperative for India first to investigate the issue. Although it remains a wonder how the terrorist driving a suicide vehicle got so close to the convoy, India should lunch an investigation on possible security lapses. I would not be surprised if the results of the investigation found no link of the attack with Pakistan. Could it be, just could it be the attack was coordinated internally and could be there are some people from India linked with the attack?



Ganapathy, N. (2019, February 15). India accuses Pakistan of ‘direct hand’ in Kashmir terror attack. Retrieved from  Pakistan-of-direct-hand-in-Kashmir-terror-attack

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