The story of creation


The story of creation is a religious myth about how the earth came to existence. The theory narrates from a biblical religious perspective; in the beginning, the world was none, and a supremely powerful being “God” filled the universe.  The creation narrates how God created animals, birds, plants and living creatures. Furthermore, the separation of the sun from the dark, sea from land and sky from the earth is interpreted from the story. The story rotates around the responsibilities accorded to “Man” Human being as Supreme Being and put in charge of all creation.


The Book of Genesis “the beginning” from the Bible explains that God is the sole creator of the universe and life giver. Initially, the earth was a vacuum filled with none. God first created Heaven and earth. Metamorphically, the surface is the world and heaven is above the sky. It assumes that God lives and rests in heaven. The existence of God as invincible and appearing in the form of Fire or burning bush is a cultural belief. The true value in the view is when Judaism and Christianity religions are clued to the theories. People read the bible to boost their faith in God and receive God’s message to the universe. Secondly, putting a human being in charge of all creation is a symbol of responsibility and order from above (Genesis chapter one). Logically, the human being is the most intelligent creatures in the ecosystem. Care and protection of nature is a symbol of abiding by the responsibility order.

Precisely, the evidence of cultural truth of worship and abide by God’s rules is witnessed in the praise and worship. God instructed humans to praise and worship him alone to enter Heaven his residual home. Christians have set worship and praise days mainly Saturdays for the Sabbath and Sundays in Christianity. From the Bible, God appeared to people in the form of fire “Burning bush” as a metaphoric representation of respect and fear. People obey and respect God’s message from the bible by abiding by the rules and instructions of the commandments (God’s rules and regulations). The story of the Bible holds the truth in the modern world. The first commandment “do not commit murder” is well respected in modern society by religious and statutory laws (Genesis chapter 1). When one is convicted of murder charges, the consequences are cruel. Imprisonment and death penalties from the state among other charges are imposed to such offenses.

Perhaps, the myth of the existence of God has no factual background and remains a myth to present. No one has claimed to see God physically other than Biblical narrations and stories. The people from the Bible are set to exist many centuries ago and cannot provide a trace to the new duration. With science and modern theories from different societal communities, people interpret God in different ways. As the Bible states that God is a holy wonder (burning bush), other communities believe God is a Heap mountain while others think God is a spirit.

Therefore, God is a trickster in the narration account of creation. Getting a physical location of God or His present as a tangible aspect remains a challenge to date. Religious leaders guide and teach followers on the role of God in people’s lives and why it is crucial to follow Gods believes. While God remains a wonder and an unseen spirit, following his existence is a personal faith. The religious remain a guiding and nurturing center for God’s teachings.



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