The story of my life

The story the love of my life was written by TC Boyle in the year 2000. It follows the life of a young high school couple that has dreams and ambitions of a bright future. The boy plans to study in Brown while the girl at Birmingham. With young love and sex, the couple conceives a child even though they have been keen not to become young parents. All of these happened during a camping trip.
China decides to keep the child but doesn’t seek medical attention required to care for the child. In the story, we see the terrible relationship between the girl and the child when she doesn’t name her child. After delivering on her own, she tells his lover Jeremy to get rid of the baby. Despite the love that they had for each other, we see that the two did not have any plan for the consequences of their actions.
The story gives a horrifying detail of responsibilities, love, and life that young parents may go through. It is titled the love of my life, but it is a sad story of loss, losing and the limitations of love according to the eyes of the young adults. We see the betrayal of both China and Jeremy to themselves and each other. They had once promised to be together forever, but when the problems come, they rather are alone.
The love that they thought they had for each other ceases to exist when a child comes into the picture. Jeremy completely loses his mind when China puts sex identification for their child. When she says that she wants to see the grave of their daughter, he froze inside and felt the pain of the mistakes he did. He couldn’t picture her as the woman that he was in love before. He could only imagine the four limbs that came out of her and a fetus that had its eyes closed. He could even smell the breath that was emanating during that time. He remembers the black plastic bag that they dumped the child in and the dumpster that they threw the plastic bag in.
The loss that they endured will live with them forever. The love that they had when they met wasn’t really love but infatuation. They were not ready to go the long haul together. For richer or for poor, the ups and the downs and for good and the bad. This story is quite important to every young couple on the meaning of love and the difference between love and infatuation. The two young couple thought they knew all about relationships and love when they started. They all thought that they had made up their minds in terms of making the right decision.
The couples promise each other to be always careful and mindful of each other. They promise to always support each other for a long time that they will be together. This agreement was made in the initial stage of their relationship. But during the camping trip, Jeremy had taken only two condoms with him and she did not purchase any pills before their travel. The trip was to an isolated area and they could not find a convenient store around that place.
The couple, even after going to separate schools, scheduled their time and met a couple of times in motels. They both loved each other until they realized that they were pregnant when everything went haywire. She started getting fat and she had to conceal from her schoolmates.