The Syrian civil war from when it started in 2009-2019

The Syrian civil war from when it started in 2009-2019



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THESIS:  despite the protests in Syria having started at the same time as the other countries in arab spring like Libya and similar atrocities  being reported, the united nations have failed to  find  the solution to this ongoing conflict the way the one in Libya  was dealt with .

  1. Introduction
  2. The Syrian civil war, is a civil war involving the use of firearms in Syria between the Ba’ath government and the rebel forces determined to overthrow the  government (Sharara, and  Kanj, 2014).. The start of the conflict was in the year 2009 ven through the official reports started  on 15 March 2011 due to the increased demonstrations
  3. Syrian war is one of the revolutions that have been witnessed in most f the Arabic countries known as the Arab spring (Corstange, and York, 2018).
  4. This paper will analyse the major causes of Syrian wa and the overall reasons for the demonstrations in the Arab spring. The paper will also show some political reasons why the united nations have failed to act in the case of Syria despite reports of atrocities the same way they acted against Libya to overthrow Muammar Gadaffi.
  5. Research Hypotheses.
  6. The following hypotheses will be tested in this paper
  • The main cause of the Syrian war is the government failed to heed to the demands of the local people about fairness and equal representation of the government
  • The United nations have failed to find the solutions to the cases in Syria because of the many political complexities involving somepowerful nations in the UN such as china and Russia
  • Research questions
  1. The following research questions are used as  quidelines to the research
  • What are the major causes of the syruian civil war?
  • What are the reasons why the war have taken almost a decade withoit ending?
  • What has the UN failed tofind the solution for the syrian civil war?
  1. Conclusion
  2. In conclusion, the syrian civil war is part of the larger demonstartions within the arabis nations or the arab spring. It is a call that eople have to form better governments and have fair representations through demoscracy
  3. Despite calls from various nations, the united nations havefailed to act so as oto solev the problem.





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