The Ubiquity of Politics

Politics are everywhere and cannot be ignored. In the discussion of human affairs, politics can be seen in our institutions, the public society and have even been a topic of study (Miller 56-72). Politics is one of the factors in our societies that lack a common agreed upon definition. Politics can be summarized into who get what, how they attain these objectives in life and when they do (Lasswell). This give one of the many understandings of what politics really is as every scholar and individual has there own version. The allocation of resources in the society needs to be done in a political way, this will enable individuals in the society practice equality and fairness (Johnson 18).

Politics affects all aspects of the human society, individuals therefore have generated different understanding of what politics is based on their environment. The human society thrives on hierarchy and bureaucracy, hence the need for politics to define this way of life, human beings are therefore political by nature by the mere fact that they live in societies. Politics is the only discipline that is present in all practices of our lives, we have politics affecting the whole world as a whole and relation between countries and societies and coming down to the small rural and even personal environments. Politics therefore affects every aspect of our lives, the economical part all the way to the social and cultural.

The politics of an organization will determine whether it successful in the economical sense or if it fails. There is no encounter in the human society that is not political, when exchanging greetings or going about our daily activities, we encounter or participate in a political process either knowingly or without our knowledge.

Politics and Governance

Thee government is made up of individuals in our society who are chosen and tasked with the sole role of ensuring that the welfare of the society is maintained for its survival (Crick 18). The governance of a society is achieved through a political process, to determine who get to rule or lead the society into the future while ensuring sustainability. The individuals in the society gets to exercise their political role and freedom by choosing the people they deem fit to lead them forward. These individuals chosen have the sole responsibility of formulating laws of the said society and ensuring that these laws are put in place and followed by the society for their own good. Politics can be seen in action from how an organization’s governance structure is, the country governance system and down to how local societies operate. The family setup and how it operates can also be political as there is a head of the family and rules to be followed .

The laws and guidelines  that the ruling or the political class makes for the society to follow affects the way in which members of that society interact and socialize .The society can bee affected by the governance of the political class in a good way or affect them in a negative way which could be detrimental together way of life. The politics of how a society is governed be it enforced or a perceived way of governance, affects the whole society as it determines every other aspect of that society.

Politics and the Economy

Economics is a social science that deals with the allocation of the ever diminishing resources in nature to help satisfy the ever increasing needs of the society. The subject of economics is aimed at ensuring that the human society thrives and is ensured of a sustainable resource source. Politics focus on who gets the use of a particular resource and how they get to enjoy the said resource at a particular period in time (Lasswell). The political sphere of a society and it’s economical aspect are therefore connected in this way. They are both focused on ensuring the society survives. The positive nature of society demands that economy and the politics of a society be separated and looked at differently, however, in the normative nature of society, the two are tied together and cannot be looked at separately. The economic growth of a society will be greatly affected by it’s political structure and governance.

Adam Smith, a great economist looked at the economy while considering the political aspect in the society (Winch 13). He made economic models and theories while putting into perspective the role of politics as it is important. The political class is important for making guidelines for how The economy will operate. Through political policies enacted in the society the economy of the society will either grow or shrink.. The political good will is of paramount importance for the economy to thrive and grow is a perfectly functioning economy.

The political regime adopted by a country will affect the operations of its economy, in words economies where the political structure is dictatorial, there is no incentive and conducive environment to perform better and hence the economy of such countries are affected. Developed countries thrive on stable economies that offer a conducive environment for growth off their economy. Democratic societies therefore have free market structures that enable them to trade and offer services in a politically conducive environment.

Politically stable societies have peaceful well organized structure of governance of the society. This is important to ensure that the economy grows individuals both within and outside the society can feel secure to participate in the economic growth. The societies with good governance and political space have grown into first world countries while those with political instability still languish in poverty and no economic growth. Despite the many resources that these countries hold, they cannot grow economically due to the burden of political instability. Organizations hold trade wars with each other and this leads to instability in their growth in the market.

Policies made by the political class for the society may have effect on the economy o that said society. Policies are meant to govern and check how individuals in the society carry out business, they may therefore affect the economy in a good or a bad way. Policies can be defined as guidelines that regulate the normal day to day interaction and operations of the society, through interaction and exchange in regard to business in the society, the economy can thrive. This is however regulated by the governance structure of the society. Politics therefore plays a key role in the economic growth of a society as it formulates the policies.

Socio-cultural Aspect

Politics is used by the society to understand how their social setup is and try and formulate ways of survival (Johnson 18). Politics will affect both the social and the culture of a society depending on how the society is setup. The civil war in America was a politics instigated process, however it resulted in the empowerment of the black community in the south (Black 126). The political process of a society can affect The social and cultural aspects of that said society. The French colonial powers in Africa assimilated the natives and made them adopt the culture and social structure in the French society. The British also colonized Africa and brought with then their culture which the natives used adopted. The cultures of these societies were hence changed due to the political process that were instigated upon them.

The culture of a society are the accepted norms in that society, these are the activities and behavior that the society deems fit and suitable. The political class in the society decides on the rules and regulations to be followed by the society,  over time these become the norms and when practiced for a long period they become the culture of that society. Politics therefore breeds culture in the society and affects how the people in that society live and interact.

The British instigated an exit from the European union which was dubbed Brexit, the citizens and political class however cited cultural and social reasons for the exit. The claim made as one of the reasons for the exit was the influx of immigrants into the country, they felt that this would affect their society and have to cope with the different cultures that the immigrants were bringing into the country.


The society has been manipulated and made to act and behave in a particular way by the political class (Bernays 9). The minds of The American population has been made to think and the individuals to behave in a particular way. Politics can therefore be used to manipulate the entire society to behave in a particular way.

Politics can be experienced at every turn in our daily lives, it affects the culture, social setup and the economy of the society. When the society change it’s political structure, the effect is felt in every part of their lives. These considerations make the point that politics is present everywhere in our day to day lives.








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