The Veterans Health Administration

Literature Review

A literature review analyzes information published in a particular subject, and at times it limits itself to a specific period. Literature incorporates both summary and analysis where the summary refers to the overview of main points in a particular piece of information while analysis means re-organizing the data to derive new meanings from the data or to link old interpretations with new ones. For this literature review, I hope to reveal the measures that healthcare givers can adopt to advance the superiority of care they give as observed from the scenario of The Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The organization had severe struggles in the ‘90s, but it was able to improve on its efficiency through various systemic changes and is one of the best caregivers in the U.S today (Greenfield & Kaplan, 2004). In this paper, I will discuss in details the measures taken by VHA to improve on efficiency which other healthcare providers can adapt to progress. The measures to be addressed are foundational changes, the procedures of improving healthcare, and Integration and coordination of services. In the next section, I will analyze how foundational changes made it possible for VHA to make the quality of care they offer superior.

Foundational Change

Evans (2017), states that in changing its foundational change, the body formed a new functional and administrative framework, introduced new performance management and decentralized its administrative structure. According to Kizer & Dudley (2009), the organization created integrated networks where over 1100 healthcare locations were put under 22 integrated networks. These integrated systems were the basic operating units and gave the organization the direction to take in forming the programs to be used in the accumulation of assets, promoting continuity of services and reducing redundancies in management and service provision. As Kerr & Fleming, (2007) note, the regional networks were allocated funds of which they were to account for continually and also take charge over all the healthcare services in their facilities. Besides, the local networks also helped VHA imp

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