The Victorian Novel

Over time, literature has continued to evolve. The novel by Jane Eyre existed between 1832 and 1880. Jane Eyre is mostly seen as a profoundly realistic writer that ever existed. Her novel has a story about how she suffered at Lowood and her struggle against the narrow role that 19th-century society allotted to women. It contains a solid element of fantasy right from its beginning as Jane explains the story in the way of imagination. Jane Eyre was an orphan, and she was therefore raised by her cruel wealthy aunt, Mrs. Reed. At some point, she meets Rochester where greatest fantasy was shown through myths and fairytales, even though they finally ended up together. The root cause of her fantasies is her childhood where it was her most fantastical side. This came about when she heard loads of stories woven by the Bronte children.

On the other hand, the novel ‘Great Expectations' was written by Charles Dickens and was first published in 1861. It turned out to be a great novel and a success to the author. It addresses issues such as social class and human worth. The narrator, Pip (Philip Pirrip) tells a story from an unspecified time in the awaited future. He grew up in Kent, under the care of her sister and her sweet-natured husband. Through the story, he meets different people including a convict and a half-mad woman who overreacted when her lover left her. This essay seeks to compare and contrast the effect of combining realism and gothic elements in the above novels; that is, Jane Eyre and Great Expectations.

In Jane Eyre's writings, the most important conflict is the division between realism and gothic (sensationalism). At the start of the narrative, the elements of realism are not only literally questionable by the differentiating gothic factors but also improbable coincidences (when Jane fortuitously ended up on the doorstep of her cousin). Besides, notable occurrences that were supernatural

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