The West Bank Conflict

The west bank Conflict has existed for centuries now. Over the years there have been cases where the locals attack the Israel soldiers that often force them to retaliate with deadly force. Several analysts have looked at this issue and sought to offer their insight on the way forward. The Film “5 broken cameras” aims to present an insight into the conflict that has existed for years. There has always been an issue on the one-sidedness of the film. However, the film often seeks to only present the brutality and aggressive response of the Israeli army to the non-violent demonstration. Yet this view is biased.

While it is evidence that the soldiers are often forced to use violence and brutality against the demonstrator’s one thing that seems to miss are the provocative actions of the demonstrators. In most of the film, it is visible how the soldiers use tear gas to scatter the demonstrators. In watching the movie, the director does not seek to present an honest picture of the issues that are happening in the west bank. There are several cases demonstrators have often turned onto the army officers and even lynched them. One of the scenes Burnat’s youngest sons grow with had towards the soldiers for murdering one of his friends. However, one thing he does not understand is that the boy had stubbed a solider. Therefore it is a case of a biased view of the issues that happen in the west bank.

The west bank issue is a clear case of the conflict between two factions that are all responsible for the actions they take. It would be inappropriate to put the burden on the Israel soldier since each group has a part of this conflict. The film is biased since it only seems to show that the problem comes from the soldiers and not the demonstrators.



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