The Wife of Bath

The main character, Alisoun, is presented as a promiscuous but equally excellent wife. She is presented as an excellent weaver and an awesome wife who has had five husbands and anticipates a sixth one (Chaucer, 2015). In this presentation, the writer takes the line of a feminist who appreciates women for who they are. Although there is debate as to the real motive of Alisoun’s description, it is clear that the character is at the very least a feminist of sorts. The wife of bath, as Alisoun is famously known, is a strong woman who is focused on what she really wants in life. During that time, women who were as aggressive as her were not looked up to but she does not mind this and is bold enough to express herself.

The writer portrays the main character as a woman who is in control of her life even when others think she is immoral. For instance, Alisoun is in control of her sexual adventures and even proclaims that she will g

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