The Woman Film Analysis

The Woman is an American horror film where a feral woman circles what appears to be baby. A wolf that has been tamed by the same woman also appears and circles the child as well, but it does not harm the child. Even though it is not shown in the film, the woman in the film is the only remaining member of a cannibalistic tribe. In the film, the other characters are the family of Chris Cleek. Chris Cleek, whose real name is Sean Bridgers is a bad dad who rules the clan of the Cleek with a mix of physical abuse and patient instructions. In the movie, Chris is utterly despicable.  The major theme in the film is the horror theme.

Chris Cleek is shown at a local BBQ together with his family where they enjoy the BBQ. Peggy, his oldest daughter, sits off to the side upset and detached. A minor theme of violence is seen the film where Brian Cleek watches as some boys bully and push a small girl into a corner where he stands up to come to her aid, but he instead shoots a basketball. When the family leaves the BBQ, Chris seeks to know the experience that his son had, and Brian tells him that he managed to shoot nine out of ten baskets. Brian does not mention the incidence of the girl that he witnessed at the BBQ.

Later during that same night, Chris sees a woman who is bathing, where he leaves and goes to get a net to capture her. Chris Cleek manages to trap the woman inside the net and manages to knock her out. What Chris Cleek does is inhuman, by restraining the woman in the cellar and telling his family to help in civilizing her. The next day, the kids begin to show their true characters. To Begin with Brian, he is bested by a girl during basketball, and he does not like it. He puts gum in the girl’s hairbrush. The girl uses the brush unsuspectingly to brush her hair. Brian offers to assist the girl, but he does not have any good intentions towards the girl as he enjoys seeing her scream in pain (Kootz, 2016). Peggy, on the other hand, is seen wearing extremely baggy clothes at school; she is detached and withdrawn at school.  Her teacher approaches her to find out whether she was pregnant, but Peggy avoids the topic and returns home.

At home, Chris attempts to talk to the woman, but the Woman ends up biting his ring finger and spits the wedding ring into a pool of blood. The youngest daughter of Chris Darlin’ tries to befriend the Woman as Peggy and her mother Belle protest. Regardless, Chris uses violence to ensure that the woman is civilized. Later during the night, Peggy is seen sited on her bed and extremely detached. When Chris walks into her room, Peggy seems to be afraid of her father. Chris moves closer to his daughter and tries to assure her that all would be well. When Belle questions Chris on the idea that he has of caviling the woman, Chris responds by slapping her across her face.

Throughout the film, the woman maintains a strip of black humor since it satirizes patriarchal suburban life. The woman packs a fair amount of ugliness, vengeance, and blood together with legitimate surprises. The film is intended to show the horrific message of the horrors that may bubble below the surface of families that seem to be normal outwardly hence a representation of the mirrored American society. The film does a perfect job in the presentation of what the controversy throughout the film is all about. The film managed to deliver a positive message that was hidden under a very horrific and brutal movie.

By the standards of the hardcore horror theme, there are about four scenes in the entire film for their graphic nature. The paradox works since it is consistent with the exploration of the film’s feral nature. After the long venting of the cruelty of both Brian and Chris, the reckoning that has been anticipated arrives too late, too abrupt and too indiscriminately in the way the victims and the offenders are dispatched.

With no doubt, the film is meant to insight shock, nervousness, anxiety, disgust, dismay, and fear. The film is probably designed to make the audience question what civilization is, what it is to be feral and the shades of gray between civilization and being feral. The film depicts how women and treated by men as a result of male superiority which is mirrored in the American society. If only the focus of the movie had remained with the dynamics between the captive and the captor, the movie would have been able to achieve psychological insight. The violence that is done to the woman in the movie is truly disturbing since it develops from a deep moralistic core that raises authentic social issues. The movie is a more discomforting and biting condemnation of the black woman as she is portrayed as a circus animal. The Woman displays its prurience in the physical images of the woman that have been projected like the woman being stripped naked and spread-eagled like in a bondage flick.

The film ends with the climax of the theme of horror. The woman mercilessly tears the heart of Chris out and kills both Brian and Belle. Even though the film has a very extreme plot, the casts in the film played their roles very well as they put in believable and ardent performances. Chris shows what it is to be outrageously inhumane.





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