The world is a kind place. Let me tell you why

The world is a kind place. Let me tell you why

Indeed the world is a kind place to live in, let me tell you why.  I presume that it is in order for you to understand that the world may be a nice place to reside in. It is very easy to say than done. If only you have been staying in a confined closet and an introvert or oblivious of what is transpiring around you, that you can say the world is a harsh place to live in. Many people have always come together to initiate changes in others’ lives.  I understand there may be some individuals who doubt or are skeptic of what I say. Arguing that, James, stop deceiving us, the world is too cruel, and you are aware of that.  Ok, I know you know, but you aren’t actually right either. Particularly in the 21st century, where several tragedies, and unbelievable things occurring on earth.  Such as hurricanes and earthquakes devastating the planet we inhabit, Trump terminating the DACA initiative, some people still holding their sexist and racist nature among other many tormenting incidences.

Then why should I convince you that one of the kindest places is the world and you remain skeptic? Well even though we experience these contemptible things happen, something better always occurs in reaction to them afterward,  changing our status to the positive. Just as John Mark Green said, “This world may bring deep darkness, but we are the bearers of light.  We join our flames together and shine in the blackest of the night.” Therefore, we come together in times of sorrow and help others out of the situation. When Trump announced the ending of the DACA initiative and giving a grace period of six months to the undocumented students to look out ways of helping themselves many philanthropists came together and protested against the idea.  Mark, you they were not only the relatives and parents to these students who went on the road, but also a large portion of the USA citizens joined them in the protest. They came together to rebuke the decision reached by the president because, unlike the president, they understood that the undocumented students just like the others need education. The education that will help them achieve their dreams and the hopes they had for their future in life.

Not only were the people fighting Trump’s decision on the road, but also on social media platforms to show their support for these vulnerable dreamers. It was hashtag “RESIST DACA” in social media where more than the people on the road joined to salvage the students. On the national and international TVs, it was “DACA is no more.” People protested and gave out advice to the students on what they should assume before the end of the six months. I also joined the social media and television teams in resisting the humiliating announcement. The full support to resist the disbandment of DACA was one of the good moments where people joined together to show light to those in darkness indicating that the world is a kind place.

It was recently that Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Florida suffered from hurricanes from the Mother Nature. News went up on air from the TV stations of the buildings submerging, trees falling, human beings and animals in desperate situations among other problems. Within a few minutes that people got the information about the Texas hurricane, they started contributing anything they could including clothes, food, money shoes, clean water and many more.  The TV stations still up directing people of where to donate and the items needed most. Ones again the news was all over social media and people were there doing several essential things some praying for the country, pictures of rescue teams pulling out the victims and animals from the mess. Donation sites created and directions of where to drop donations given.  People from all over the world gave out what they had wholeheartedly to help the victims of the disaster. I also joined the social platforms specifically instagram, and I had a glance of a post asking me (to show if this was my favorite media platform), directing me on money donation websites to help the victims of the tragedy. I donated the amount I had via mobile transfer to assist the victims.

The 7.8 magnitude Ecuador earthquake tragedy is another remarkable occasion when people worldwide came together to help those who were found in the tragedy. Television stations and social media platforms upon air showing the real pictures at the scene.  Prayers, contributions and rescue teams in the move. The tragedy found me somewhere close to Ecuador, and I traveled physically this time to give my donations. On arrival, I saw it was real in the ground with a large number of people ready with their contributions like clothes, money, shoes, diapers, food among others. The large tractors, cars, and trailers aligned fully of donations towards the victims. There were more than enough donations that the one I had taken to drop to the victims was not so necessary, but I am happy I helped someone.

In conclusion, from the three disparity situations, we can deduce that it is right to put down in black and white that indeed the world is a kind place to live in. Just as Michael Jackson puts it in her song, “ We are the World” We all come together as one. When individuals face problems, the world comes together without looking on our race, color, religion, language, and region to help bring back the situations to normal. The student dreamers in America got help, hurricane victim’s in Texas, and other places helped, Earthquake victims in Ecuador rescued and many more not included in this speech.  Therefore, it is a kind heart for people to come together and help during hard situations despite the differences. Indeed the world is a kind place to live.

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