Theology Question

Who was Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was a statistician and an English, social reformer and also the founder of modern nursing.

What is the Nursing Practice Act?

Nursing practice act is a statute set-up by the legislature of any state to provide the legal scope of nursing practice within the geographical boundaries of the jurisdiction.

Mention the four critical reasons for the need for regulation in the nursing field.

To maintain the clinically competent and safe nursing practice.

Provide an evaluation tool for ensuring clinical proficiency is adhered to.

It helps in identifying areas for improvement in clinical practices.

Helps in developing safe staffing practices.

What is the abbreviation for in ICN and NCSBN?

ICN stands for International Council of Nurses and NCSBN stands for National Council of State Boards of Nursing.


What does the Nclex exam do for nurses?

It gives individuals a chance to become nurses in the United States.

What is Policy?

It is a course of action which is adopted by an individual or an organization.

What are the four spheres of Political Influence?

Community, government workplace and organizations.

What is the role of the Health and Human Department?

Protecting and providing health for all citizens and also providing essential human services especially to the less fortunate.

What is the main purpose of ICN and NCSBN?

To provide regulations for public health and protecting the general public by ensuring safe nursing care is provided by licensed nurses.

What is Multi-state licensure?

It is a body which allows nurses with one license to practice in several states.


What is Politics?

It is the activities which are associated with the governance of a given country.

What are the goals for the Designation Magnet Recognition Program for Nursing?

Providing high care standards for patients.

We are providing business financial success and growth.

Ensuring the staff feels valued and motivated.

Why should nurses become active in the development of policy and politics?

To avoid the nurses becoming frustrated by the policies prepared by individuals with limited knowledge of healthcare.

Mentions two of the Lillian Wald’s accomplishment.

She helped in abolishing child labor and also assisted in establishing the children’s federal bureau.