Theories of Human Becoming

Currently, it is significant that nurses collaborate with other teams from different disciplines to ensure the provision of adequate health care and patient results. Interdisciplinary collaboration of nurses and health care teams from different disciplines display certain benefits. Empowering of team members through more recommendations concerning the patient’s health care gets enhanced within the medical environment. The interdisciplinary collaboration eliminates communication gaps through personal interactions and knowledge sharing by the health practitioners. The partnership in nursing practice and other disciple health practitioners promotes comprehensive health care since it acts like every member of the team provides a little detail based on improving health outcomes of patients.  Interdisciplinary collaboration also enhances patient-centered health care since patients get offered with private teams who work together to provide better results and healthcare. For instance, concerning the case study, the nurse was mainly assigned to work on Ann who was terminally ill.

According to Parse’s theory of human becoming, it proposes that nursing is both a discipline and a profession.  As a profession, it involves educated people who get monitored using the set standards that ensure the preservation of integrity through medical terms in nursing practice.  On the other hand, nursing as a discipline Parse proposed that it is three-dimensional comprised of the body, spirit, and mind. The view primarily focuses on the bio-social- psycho-spiritual components of human interaction and adaptability to the environment. Concerning nurses who use the three-dimensional view of human becoming promote the participation of individuals specifically during decision-making about well-being and health care. On the contrary, the paradigm also characterizes human becoming as dynamic, unitary-indivisible and unpredictable whereby health is a process of the living experience and value (Smith & Parker, 2015).  Therefore, the nurse of the case study could use this perspective to explain to both Ann and Ben concerning their situation.

The best advice the nurse would employ from Parse’s theory of human existence is to elaborate the concept as a value and process which are unpredictable and indivisible. Consequently, explaining to Ann that existence is a cycle and where her terminal illness should not make her despair as it is part of the unpredictable, indivisible process and value.Furthermore, the application of this ideology allows the differentiation of nursing from other disciplines by providing relevant guidelines for nursing care. The framework can act as a guiding tool in case of inquiry of different theories which is useful in education. However, application of this ideology negates the notion that everyone lives unique life experiences and does not fully utilize the entire nursing process. Also, the theory cannot get applied in either emergency or acute care. Therefore switching to this approach by health care institutions is only limited to other sectors with the mentioned exceptional including the novice nurses.

Parse comprehension of transcendence synchronizes rhythmicity which describes the principle that promotes the dynamic and different beliefs, views and values of people throughout life experiences. Thus the transcendence ideology might assist the nurse (regarded as part of the environment) do not necessarily need to fix and regulate all patient’s challenges and instead should show compassion and keep patients and their families company when they are going through these situations (Smith & Parker, 2015). The best theory that can get used alongside Parse’s approach is the modeling and role-modeling theory. Conceptualization of the theory accords various nursing principles that aid in assessing, intervening and evaluations during the nursing practice. Incorporating both approaches allows the nurse to provide compassionate company during setbacks and also promotes interaction between the nurse, patient and their families to establish a trusting relationship. According to Parse’s theory of trust is among the dignified ethos of human becoming.Hence, employing these two theories acknowledges the nursing process using a transcend guide for the practice.



Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice (4th Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

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