Theories of Human Becoming

Currently, it is significant that nurses collaborate with other teams from different disciplines to ensure the provision of adequate health care and patient results. Interdisciplinary collaboration of nurses and health care teams from different disciplines display certain benefits. Empowering of team members through more recommendations concerning the patient's health care gets enhanced within the medical environment. The interdisciplinary collaboration eliminates communication gaps through personal interactions and knowledge sharing by the health practitioners. The partnership in nursing practice and other disciple health practitioners promotes comprehensive health care since it acts like every member of the team provides a little detail based on improving health outcomes of patients.  Interdisciplinary collaboration also enhances patient-centered health care since patients get offered with private teams who work together to provide better results and healthcare. For instance, concerning the case study, the nurse was mainly assigned to work on Ann who was terminally ill.

According to Parse's theory of human becoming, it proposes that nursing is both a discipline and a profession.  As a profession, it involves e

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