Thesis Statement on Medical Marijuana

Thesis Statement on Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is defined as the act of using whole and unprocessed marijuana plant to treat the symptoms of sickness and other conditions. The doctors recommend the plant of Marijuana for treatment of the medical disease. I support that government should make the use of Marijuana plant to be legal because of the following reasons:

First: Marijuana should be legally recognized since it causes the system of the court to be overcrowded when marijuana is sold in the street. By government making it legal it increases the chances of getting more revenue which will help back the economy of the states ( Hill and Kevin, P 2470). Also, the plant should be legalized because when patients use to use it relieves pain and the terminal illness

Second: Marijuana should be made legal by the government since the majority of the public support its legalization. According to the latest to the research done in April 2017 on CBS news concerning the different views on the people towards the plant of marijuana, the majority of the people want it to be legal. The research shows the number of the people who are supporting this plant is equivalent to 95 % while those that oppose it are equivalent to 5 % and so from those recording it is an assurance that majority of the people wants the plant to be legalized from both the government and the ministry of health.

Third; The data from health department shows that marijuana helps in improving the life of the patient. The plant of cannabis has positive benefits in the university-run and food and the drugs which are approved by the clinical studies. As compared to other drugs, the chances of dying while using marijuana plant areas very low, and so the studies show that cannabis should be used as an alternative in reducing pain. The reviews of clinical involve pharmaceutics to ensure that the plant used by the patient are not harmful and that patients develop a definite interest in the plant.

Forth: Government should make the business of Marijuana a legal action for the youths as a one way of creating a chance of job to them. Sale and the handling of marijuana a legal battle will create a job opportunity to the youth instead of being idol which may contribute to other crimes such as theft or even murder ( Braun et al.,p 646).As a result, when the plant is made legal, it enables the government to earn more revenue from the sellers of marijuana which in returns the government gives back to the society informed of developments. Since many people are learned but they luck jobs, it will be an excellent way to give them those chances to sell marijuana because it relieves pain the body as well as treating other illness and so it shows that the drug plant of cannabis is not harmful in our body.

Fifth: Government should allow the use of Marijuana plant since the plant does not addict patients and the people who use this drug. When compared to other many types of medicines, the Marijuana plant is among the few drugs that do not addict people and also is a drug that is safe for the health of human being. Since most cases the addictive drugs makes the patient be in a high risk of dying, the research shows that many reports indicate that there is a  large number of the patients who die using those drugs. In the case of the marijuana plant, there have been no cases of the patients reported to have been killed because of using marijuana as a medical drug. I suggest that the plant to be legalized in the states since it is good for the health of human being.




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