Three levels of government

  1. Key players

There are three levels of governments in the U.S. These are the Federal Government, The state government, and the Local Government. Key players in the federal government are the Senate, the members of the House of Representatives, and the Prime Minister (Doyle 2018). Key players in the State Government are the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Leader of State Government. The key players in the local government are members of the council and the mayor.

  1. Scope and power

Local Governments

The state governments grant powers to local governments to oversee specific operations through legislations made by the state. The powers of local governments apply to four primary layers namely: the county,  municipalities, townships, and special districts.

State government

The constitution confers all power not granted to the federal government to the people and the state. The state government also deals with two state-level governments that operate in Washington and Puerto Rican Commonwealth. It oversees the operations of the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judiciary.

Federal government

There are multiple local and state governments, but there is only one federal government. The federal government has the power to run small geographic locations and the entire country at large. The government exercises its authority through five branches namely; Executive Office of the President, Executive departments, Independent executive agencies, Independent regulatory agencies, and Government corporations.

  1. Civic action

Local Governments

Local governments can engage in Civic Action through community preparedness efforts. It can do this by providing citizens with the education, resources, and training they need to adequately prepare for possible threats at both individual and collective levels.

State governments

State governments can implement public health programs such as access to healthcare services or rollout of new insurance programs to improve the health of its citizens and their overall quality of life.

Federal governments

Voting is the most significant form of political participation. Federal governments should implement measures to ensure that every citizen accesses these rights. It can do this by improving voter education, setting accurate voter dates, and providing that every person who wants to vote gets that opportunity.


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