Tiffany and Co. Assessment


Tiffany and Co. is a unique name that stands out. The addition of the name Co. enhances the identity of the brand as opposed to if the name was only Tiffany. Remembering the name of the company is easy as it is engraved on all the jewelry and perfume that it produces. Tiffany and Co. uses a font that is simple yet different from other fonts. Seeing the label reminds someone of the company even before reading the name in full.


Similar to Cartier, Tiffany and Co. finds meaning in its rich history and interactions with the Royal family. Tiffany and Co. started in the 1800s as a stationery seller. The company then converted to the sale of jewelry after realizing that it could use its strong brand name to generate more profits from selling jewelry at a high price. The company was associated with the Union army to which it sold surgical equipment and other tools. The association with the Union Army enhanced its image. Additionally, the company operated differently from other jewelry shops as it set high prices that were non-negotiable as a way of showing that its jewelry was of high quality. Tiffany and Co. thus represents quality.


Tiffany and Co. is a likable brand that does not attract controversy. The company creates attractive jewelry and high-quality perfume that people like. Cartier is also one of the two jewelry shops that were recognized for effectively using digital marketing to enhance its brand image. In the past, Tiffany has associated itself with sports teams, the police, and the military, thus enhancing the likeability of the brand name.


Tiffany and Co. is a brand that is recognized internationally. The company uses video and the internet as the main marketing channels. International recognition of the brand name means that it can attract consumers from various countries without requiring to adjust the brand name to each local market.


While the company sold stationery, it was called Tiffany Young and Ellis. The name transformed to Tiffany and Co. when the company started selling jewelry. The name has remained unchanged since 18653, showing that the name is adaptable to different periods.


Tiffany and Co. is a trademark registered by the company. It makes it possible to protect the name from use by other companies. In the past, Tiffany and Co. has successfully protected its trademark against Costco. Tiffany and Co. sued Costco and received a damages award of 13.75 million. The brand name is easier to protect as compared to Cartiers’.

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