Toronto and New York

New York being the country’s capital city is one of the best locations in America. Indeed, the city is renowned for its reputation and fascinating features including the Times Square and Central Park. However, Toronto is edging out the city in terms of improvements and is touted as one of the noblest cities in the US. While New York encourages insanity within the city through such policies as public urination and smoking, Toronto is an exact opposite. It is hard to come across garbage across the street or rude cab drivers in Toronto. In fact, the city is so advanced that the people have the courtesy of saying hello to cab drivers. Based on a variety of factors under consideration, Toronto is way better than New York City.

The article depicts the people of Toronto as highly accommodative and not prone to provocations. This is in contrast to the normal New Yorker who would be rude to people that provoked them. In addition, the people of Toronto respect other people such that they consider being well-mannered as opposed to reveling in big city hysteria. The article further suggests that the only failure that the city of Toronto is associated with is that of adopting the virtue of courtesy. While this is definitely satirical, the author is adamant of the stark difference with the city of New York. In Toronto, leaving behind heaves of beer cans and toilet paper is considered bad behavior.

Form one’s first contact with the city of Toronto it is very clear that the people are highly hospitable. Taxicabs in the city have clearly marked addresses where riders can email not only complaints but also compliments to the relevant authorities. In contrast, New York has no such provisions and in most cases the address is intended for the floating of complaints. While this may seem like a natural difference, it communicates a big deal of difference regarding the behavior of the people and the existence of hospitality. In addition, the author alludes to the fact that the city is tied to the advent of civilization, something that is rare in New York.

By all indications, the city of Toronto is far better than New York in terms of the livelihoods adopted. For instance, the city is free from the normal buzz and hustle that marks the hallmark to the city of New York. Indeed, the author reports his surprise at the lack of fire and police sirens at the crack of dawn. The surprise is characteristic of the stark difference with the city of New York where residents’ sleep is disturbed by police sirens every day including during office hours. Clearly, the city of Toronto appears to be more orderly compared to that of New York thus giving the residents a peaceful environment.

The fact that Toronto is free from garbage is testament of the true urbanity pursued by the authorities. In addition, the city does not have dogs roaming on the streets of the city as is characteristic with New York. The subway system is also different and is free of the spray paints that characterize that of New York. Instances of robbery or related crime are hard to come across in Toronto thus guaranteeing the residents a city free from crime. The author is highly satirical in giving Toronto a clean bill of health in comparison to the city of New York.



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