Tourism- Organizational Behavior

What are the changes doing by leadership in Hospitality Industry and why?

In the last several decades, the traditions of the hospitality industry have changed. Due to limited labor supply, organizations in the hospitality industry will have to employ creativity in the recruitment and selection of nontraditional employees. Similarly, leaders have to develop innovative strategies that would help increase employee retention and turnover. Second, competition in the industry has caused changes in the profits the firm make. Therefore, the tightening of the economic conditions that has caused a decline in lodging revenue will require a strong leadership that would improve the stability of the industry.

Explain the differences between the two leadership. Evaluate

Transformational leadership and transactional leadership are two types of leadership that have distinct meanings. Transformational leadership encompasses an approach that involves the leader working with the subordinate to identify the change that the organization requires, create a vision and use the committed members of the organization to execute the change. With transformation leadership, leaders ensure that their visions, values, and behaviors are consistent, and they focus on the current and future success of the organization. Conversely, transactional leadership involves bureaucracy and legitimacy within an organization. Moreover, leaders emphasize about tasks completion and the ability of the employee to deliver. Besides, leaders use rewards and punishments to influence the performance of the employee.

What does this new kind of leadership offer ?

Transformational leadership is the new kind of leadership, and it offers a better and an efficient use of human resources. Transformational leaders understand their employees’ strengths and weaknesses; therefore, they can align employees with roles that optimize their performance. Additionally, this leadership offers managers with visionary leadership practices so that they can communicate the objectives of the organization to subordinates. It allows the creation of an environment conducive to employees. With transformational leadership, employees get the motivation to continue improving their performance.

The organization needs to redefine the mission and must reinforce the vision when change the conditions of the market?

The mission explains the reason for the existence of an organization. The vision focuses on the future of the organization as they fulfill the mission. Therefore, in a situation when the organization is in a crisis or needs to make changes, the management need to follow a new direction by refining the organization’s mission. With transformational leadership, the leader will have to convince employees on the new approach that will achieve the objectives of the organization. By reinforcing the vision, the leader will be maintaining the credibility and trust of employees. Precisely, leaders in the hospitality industry will adapt to the changes in the conditions of the market when their words and actions correspond.

Whether can transformational leadership be effective in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is labor intensive, and the conditions are unstable; however, the transformational leadership has a role in the long-term success of the organization. Transformational leadership is effective in the hospitality industry since they demonstrate a clear sense of direction. With transformational leadership, managers in the hospitality industry focus on the objective of the organization without losing sights of the needs of employees. According to the study, transformational leaders are competent and persistent in performing the job. In situations when an organization in the hospitality industry faces uncertainty, members of the organization support their leaders since they know the objective of the organization and what they should do.

Which is the impact of both kind of leadership on individual and organization outcomes?

Both kinds of leadership have an impact on an individual and organization. Regarding role clarity, since employees understand the mission of the organization, then they understand their individual roles that would help the organization achieve its objectives. Besides, the role of the transformational leaders is to communicate the mission of the organization, and this will help employees understand their individual roles. When employees understand their role, they will perform their duties well and achieve the mission of the organization. Both kinds of leadership provide followers with a clear direction, and this enhances their satisfaction with the leader. Therefore, when employees have a clear direction, they will achieve the objectives of the organization.

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