Travel Diary

Section1. Diary Entries                                                        

April 1, 2019

I visited Wollongong Botanical Gardens. The area has very fresh vegetation. It is covered with grass and trees. It also had park benches. When I went to the place for the first time, the place had only a few people and people could easily move around. It has very well established tarmac road that people can easily drive. The place was very appealing and looked highly livable. A photo that I took in the area when I visited it is presented below

April 2, 2019

When I visited the area for the second time, the road heading to the area was well established. People using the road used a diverse model of vehicles. While vehicles moved at high speed before they arrived at the area, they slowed when it reached the area. The area has children and parents who visit for leisure and hence it is important to ensure that there is no overspending. The area was very cool and secure.

April 3, 2019

I explored the garden and noted that there were many diverse species of plants. This made the area look appealing and eco-friendly. In particular, I noted the circular patterns of various flowered areas. The area is connected with electricity making it easy for people to navigate the area at night. The main activities that I noted in the area are the garden maintenance. The aspirations in the area include environmental conservation.


As indicated above the area is very well designed and attractive. Diverse plants decorate the area, attracting visitors


Section2. Discussion

2.1  City Type

The city is called a garden city. It is a garden that has been so well established worth plants of different species. It has many flowers and plants that make it appealing to travelers. Garden cities are biophilic in nature as they create a link between an individual and the environment where they live.

2.2  Infrastructure

The infrastructure in the garden is comprised of well-tarmacked roads. These are all-weather roads that facilitate easy visits to the garden city even during the rainy season when such a road would be otherwise muddy (Glatron, & Granchamp, 2018). There is proper drainage system adopted by the organization. A drainage system has helped maintain the gardens free of erosions.

2.3  Mobility Patterns

There are clearly established cemented paths with the garden city. This implies that individuals would not end up stamping on the garden. There are some very delicate plants and flowers that are grown in the area. Stepping on these plants would result in their destruction.

2.4  Energy System

The garden city is connected with renewable sources of energy. Electricity is a better source of energy as compared to fossil fuels. It has fewer emissions to the environment. Solar energy is also installed in the garden (Glatron, & Granchamp, 2018). These measures have facilitated the maintaining of the environment clean.




2.5  Activities

There are no major activities in the city. It is mainly used as a leisure city where people can enjoy the biophilia environment in the garden. Such a city is an important one as it provides individuals with an opportunity to interact with nature (Vaughan, 2018).  Agriculture is practiced in the garden city

2.6  Aspiration & Values

Environmental conservation is the key aspirations of those who maintain the garden city. In the wake of global warming and environmental pollution, the development of such cities enhances environmental protection (Vaughan, 2018).  As a result, sustainability is attained.




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