Trifles versus Her jury of her peers

Trifles versus Her jury of her peers

Both “Trifles” and “Her jury of her peer” are works of Susan Glaspell.The major thing that singles them out is that “Trifle “is a play while “A jury of  her peers is a short story. Looking closely at both, their dialogue retains similarity. If you are careful enough to notice and master all the stage instructions in the play, you will realize that the narration in the short story is the same as that of the play. Both the play and the short story has the same plot. the play and the story begins with men, and women follow ,all enter Mr. wrights farmhouse  while Mr. Hale narrates how he found Mr. wrights dead. While the men search the house for evidence, the women find the evidence and hide  it to protect Mrs Wright who they believe he had good intentions for killing Mr wright. Also, both works by Susan Glaspell have the same characters i.e Henry peters, Lewis Hale, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale, John Wright, Mrs. Wright and George Henderson.

Both the story and the play have brought out a common theme that the men do not appreciate women. It depicts how the actions of men impact negatively to the behaviours of women. Mr Wright never treated Mrs Wright well, in fact, according to the argument by Mrs Peters and Mrs Hales, Mrs Wright was a good lady before she got married to Mr Wright. Also, the actions of the men when looking for evidence against Ms wright prompted the wives to hide the evidence although it was not legal or ethically right

There are many differences depicted in the “Trifles” and “A jury of her peers”.By internally analysing the titles for the two works by Susan, the title “Trifles “,  is very restrained and until one watches the play, he or she can’t tell its theme without doubts. Trifle refers to thing of no worth, describing the items the women came across at the Ms wright kitchen. On the other hand, the title, “A jury of her peers “noticeably brings out the theme without any struggle because the wordings are self-explanatory. “Her peers” sounds like standing for feminism. It brings out the qualities of how women stand for each other. In a short time Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters bond and collaborate to do the unbelievable- stealing the box with the dead bird and hide the evidence against Mrs Wrights case. As much as it is wrong and at the same time illegal, It was an act of loyalty. While the “ jury” stands for legalism or rationality men, have towards women in this setting, Its evident when they criticise Mrs Wrights housekeeping skills and immediately leave the kitchen claiming that there is nothing there, but kitchen things, like the characters in this short story, is being featured to be in the legalism.The short story brings an apparent understanding of the characters and the story as a whole compared to the play .for someone to a very understanding; he or she might need readers interpretation. In short, there is a lack of vital details in the play as compared to the short story. The short story conveys the emotions and feelings unlike the ga

me Conclusively, the works by Susan Gladspell describe our social setting where women and men are knowledge and capabilities  are characterised by societal norms and standards which actually should not be the case


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