Trilogy uses various unconventional techniques to hire recruits. For instance, they focus on the least experienced employees, particularly students still in college or those who have recently graduated, at an average age of 26. The top managers conduct the first rounds of interviews informing the candidates that they will be pushed, although it comes with good rewards. After a serious interview session, the company provides the interviews or recruits with entertainment activities at the end of the day, for example, taking them to a club or mountain biking. The hires and other employees are usually flown to Austin for a mandatory 3day preliminary visit to give them a taste of what to expect and o do as workers. The techniques are helpful to the company because it allows them to employ workers who are up to the task and can help achieve the company’s development goal. The elements of Trilogy’s culture appeal to the kind of employees it needs. For instance, it has no dress code, and the employees work on their hours, often longer.  Socialization is vital in the organization, and the employees socialize in the offices, in the kitchen, and on company-sponsored trips and events, e.g. the local clubs or during retreats in Hawaii, and Las Vegas. The recruits receive intensive training in the first three weeks to integrate them into the company’s operations. The various cultural elements are common in technological companies. Allowing employees to work long hours encourages them to maximize their potential.  Casual outfits in technology companies have gained popularity because they fit most of the employees’ age group and provide a peaceful ambiance for socialization.

Trilogy would be an appealing employer for me. As identified, the company is ready to hire fresh graduates or students with specialized knowledge of technology.  As a new graduate, I will be suitable in line with the firm’s hiring policy. So, the firm will save me the time likely to be wasted searching for a job. Besides, the firm will give me an opportunity to grow because its culture demands the best commitment and allows a new worker to share ideas with the current staff. Besides, who would not wish to work in an organization where management and staff spend time together, not forgetting casual dressing and deciding on the best hours to work?

I would give the following suggestion for Trilogy to improve its alternative recruiting practices. First, the company has to decide on the position to be filled before intervening candidates to avoid a backlog.  Secondly, the recruiting has to be done by the Human Resource management team, or if not possible, they should help the top managers to save time and allow for fair selection. Also, the company has to increase its average age for hiring recruits, and make the maximum age limit at 35 years, because there are potential employees who might not have had a chance to showcase their skills at a younger age. It is also essential that Trilogy strives to know more about the recruits by conducting background checks to protect the firm from fraudulent activities. Last but not least, Trilogy should make the recruitment process official by encouraging the recruits to apply for the interviews and giving those hired employment letters.


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