Traditionally, business was meant for profit. Things are however taking a different course in the modern world. To be a sustainable business in the globe today, you must consider the people, the environment as well as the profit from your company. Balance must be maintained between prosperity and the welfare of the community to accomplish and enhance social responsibility.


Our profit is not only meat for our stakeholder but also for creating a positive change in the communities. The city has often been known to hold very many street families. Our company will strive to help these people especially mothers and children who are the most vulnerable people in society. Through this, I believe we will make an impact by providing shelter and food to such families once we stabilize our business. This will not only be good for the reputation of our company but will change the life of young people who end up wasting their life by involving themselves with illegal activities such as drugs. Another target we hope to achieve is supporting organizations for people fighting cancer and even diabetes. We want to make them feel loved and cared for(Hammer, 2017).


We purpose to create a conducive environment for our employees to work in to enhance productivity too. We are a company that values integrity, and we do not support discrimination of any kind, abuse or even sexual harassment in the workplace. We will provide reasonable working hours for our employees since we care about their health and families too. Kenry beverages will also engage and create pieces of training which will be beneficial for our employees’ careers and lead to their development. We plan to offer our employees with health insurance while they are working for us. By making them feel loved and appreciated will, in turn, increase their productivity in the workplace(Jackson, 2011).


We plan to save up on electricity by using solar panels during the summer season since there is enough sunshine to cater for that. The waste we get from making the juices can be very beneficial for manure in the farms, and we plan to distribute it to farmers for them to turn in into composite manures. Our management will also ensure that the bottles and cups we source are reusable once the clients are done with their juice. We value the environment very much since without it Kenry beverages would not be in existence. We also have to protect it for the sustainability of our business as well as our future generations.


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