Tropical Salvage

Review the article, “Tropical Salvage” (you will find the article in Blackboard) do additional research and answer these questions. You should prepare your report according to this format:

Introduction/Context (write about one page summarizing the case; include the context, that is why is this case written and what are the learning points)

Q1 (list the question)
A1 (your answer)

Conclusion (write no more than one page of your conclusions and observations)

Work cited

Your paper is an analysis of the situation discussed in the article. You must research, collect appropriate data and address questions with data and evidence. Use list (bullets), graphs, charts, tables, etc. to make your report more effective (a sample is on Blackboard). Be sure to use data available in the Case supplemented with additional research. Your report should be about 5 pages (+/-), 1.5 space with font TNR11, in Word document format and submitted in Blackboard assignment dropbox.


1. Identify key stakeholders who have been affected by forestry industry practices in Indonesia, as well as the impacts they are experiencing and how those practices were the cause of those impacts.
2. Explain any ethical issues for Tropical Salvage as a new forestry company in Indonesia with respect to managing the impacts on the key stakeholder you identified in the first question.
3. What practices did Tropical Salvage use to manage those ethical issues? How did those practices address those issues? Did you think the practices resolved those issues?