Trump and Neoliberalism

During his campaigns, Trump addressed how he was going to introduce the policies of tax cuts and jobs act, and this was intended to bring to end neoliberalism. The poor whites who voted for trump had a high expectation that Trump will provide a new version of conservatism that will annihilate neoliberalism. Instead, the neoliberal policies have emerged and become dominant in Trump’s presidential authority. The policies that are working under the regime of Trump in the US are a possible sign of neoliberalism. The vital goal and aspect of Trump’s agenda have been on furthering neoliberal policies to meet his xenophobic rhetoric.

In the United States since the takeover by Trump from former president Obama, neoliberalism has affected most welfare programs (Chacko and Jayasuriya, 2017, 123). Trump policies have interfered with rights of labor especially the immigrant workers and also a drawback on most social programs. Through the introduction of deregulation policies, it is evident that Trump is working to deny protection to the citizens and the economy (Crouch, 2017, 224). Only the rich are meant to benefit from the policies since most of their investments will not be taxed, but the destruction will be on the economy where the poor will not be able to get favorable working conditions and educational programs.


The trade deficit with China and Mexico that Trump imposed as policy essentially represent the ideological framework of neoliberalism. A trade deficit is economically a challenge since it affects the entire health of an economy (Judis, 2016, 44). Introducing trade deficits has compelled the lower class and middle-class Americans to accept an economic coma. The middle and lower class individuals were made to be content with their class anxieties without even having to criticize the nature of the class. The trade deficit was used as a cover for an open trade war since it was a policy that was meant to make Americans possess what was rightfully theirs through economic bargaining with China and Mexico (Palley, 2017, 371). If the Trump policies were to encourage investments in the United States, it is difficult to comprehend how the trade deficit will increase the participation of China and Mexico in the American market.

With the introduction of the latest tax bill, Trump is committed to weakening the potential of the government to extract wealth from the rich. The goal is a priority over the balanced budget which has become the song by the Republicans (Schmidt, 2016, 326). The deficit is likely to create a fiscal crisis since it is only meant to benefit the wealthy as the poor continue to be marginalized. Trump has managed to initiate the doctrine of privatization and also the economization of the American racism (Serpe, 2017, 79). Trump has come up with policies that dispute immigration with the belief that immigrants steal jobs and do not pay taxes. In reality, these are policies that can be encouraged by only conservatism policies.  The image that is created is a system of politics that features the dispensing of material goods between those who have and those who don’t have.

In conclusion, Neoliberalism is evident in Trump’s career since his agenda only aims to achieve the goals of privatization, tax-cutting, deregulation and trade deficits. Privatization is a form of neoliberal policy that only allows the rich to acquire properties and control the economy. Through tax cutting, Trump is promoting the wealthy Democrats to evade tax on their properties but disregard the development of the poor. Neoliberalism by Trump has encouraged deregulation which is in opposition to the original policy that was meant to reduce regulations and expand the administrative state. The policies in the Trump regime is ironical to the initial policies that he promised to the people of America. The new budget proposal that was introduced by Trump is a plan to continue the neoliberal assault on social service provisions like the Affordable Care Act.

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