Types of Assault

According to an article by Crane, ‘Assault and Battery,’ he defines assault as threatening or attempting to hit a person especially if the victim is aware of the danger, regardless of whether the threat is carried out (Crane, 2018).  In most jurisdictions, there are several recognized criminal assaults.  In an article retrieved from http://www.attorneys.com/assault/types, (links to an external site), there are different types of assaults as identified by different jurisdictions. The first one is a felonious assault which is defined as an unlawful attack or attempted attack brought about by violent action that results to injuring another person.  If there is a weapon involved, the assault is considered criminal even if the victim was not hurt in the process. If a victim sustains a severe injury from the use of fists or leg kicks, it is also considered a felonious assault.  Examples include assault and battery as they require medical attention.

The other type is referred to as a simple assault which occurs when one sustains minor injuries without the use of any weapons.  The third type of aggression is the physical assault which results in serious harm to the victim’s body such as when a murder is intended or when there is an aggravated assault.  Fourth, sexual assault occurs when a victim suffers from sexual violation or sex against their will.  This type covers sodomy, rape, sexual molestation and general use of violence to have sex with unwilling persons. The other type is a verbal assault which is the use of words which causes harm to the victim emotionally and psychologically.  Such kind of assault causes mental distress to the victim.  Finally, there is the aggravated assault which uses the weapon with an intention to cause harm to the victim.





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