U.S. History (To: 1877)

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) served as the 16th President of America. He is widely recognized because of his influence during the American Civil War. He became the president at a time when America was experiencing diverse political and social challenges. Given the state of enslavement and evolving conflicting ideas, the Union had become mostly divided and was about to split. Therefore, Lincoln faced one of the biggest challenges in America’s history as he struggled to address the challenges in the Union. Eventually, he led America until the end of the Civil War, united the southern and the northern and ended slavery. Lincoln took charge of the issues in the midst of the challenges offering lasting solutions that could later present a constructive influence in the United States (McGovern 3-7). Several historians have examined President’s Lincoln contribution and influence to America’s history and development.  Some historians consider him the greatest American president; others consider him the Great Emancipator while others consider him both.

I agree with the historians that President Abraham Lincoln remains to be America’s greatest president. Lincoln served as America’s president for 5 years, between 1861 and 1865. Because of his contribution to American history and being the first incumbent president to be assassinated, the name Abraham Lincoln is embedded in not only the collective memory and conscience of all Americans but also in other historians and people across the world. Despite his sudden death, which occurred by assassination, his name has remained iconic in America’s history because of his huge impact. He led America in a very divisive period. American was going through a bad Civil War, and the south and north were divided on the issue of slavery. While the north grew fast to an industrial region proving its aggressiveness than the south, the south's economy relied on cotton and used forced slave labor. For the north, enslavement was immoral and unethical,

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