UAS Acoustic and Radio Sensing Capability Analysis

UAS Acoustic and Radio Sensing Capability Analysis

The acoustic wave sensors such as Low-Cost Scout UAS Acoustic System (LOSAS) get the name from its detection methods which are acoustic waves. These devices are efficient due to their light nature. LOSAS is used to fly above an acoustic device just to detect a target (Angelov, 2012). It also identifies weapons, fire or other aircraft that might block the UAS (Angelov, 2012). A disadvantage of the acoustic sensors is that they function well in gaseous environments but inefficient if exposed to liquids.

On the other hand, citing Angelov (2012), radio sensing technologies allow for quick responses and research in risky environments such as earthquakes or landslides. In the case of low altitude UASs, they are used in the extraction of photogrammetric data due to the high resolution of the digital cameras. A weakness would be the minimum size of the research area, need for huge storage devices, and limited processing of complex data.

The radio sensing technologies may be easily integrated into the UAS commercial operations in America because they allow for easier access to information about another device whether on the seas, the air of the earth surface (Zaman, Ragab, & Abdullah, 2012). Need for improvement in the radio sensing technologies is to enable the devices to analyze large volumes of data and develop other instruments to allow for higher attitude coverage but at the same time enhancing the accuracy requirement and present a whole picture of a certain site. (Zaman, Ragab, & Abdullah, 2012). Acoustic devices are loaded with windscreen technology to reduce wind noise, but still the platform resolutions need further improvement to produce high-quality data. The need for advanced remote monitoring techniques continues to expand; therefore, advanced sensors should be produced.



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