Should the UK leave the European Union?

Should the UK leave the European Union?

The debate on whether the UK should stay in the European Union or leave has raised concerns among the EU leaders. The draft deal that entails the UK’s relationship with the EU could convince a portion of the British public to vote against the move. In this case, if the UK leaves, the European Union would not have risked anything. Britain has a strong economy, and it is because of the finances and policies from the European Union. Similarly, the EU has helped strengthen the Position of Britain in the world market. Therefore, Britain will lose much if it decided to quit the EU. Their economy will decline because the EU will cut the bureaucracy on small and medium businesses that will, in turn, affect the businesses in the UK.

On the other hand, the public might vote to leave the EU because they believe that Britain is worse off when it is under the umbrella of EU. Leaders conduct campaigns that favor leaving the EU because they think that EU is undemocratic (Wood, 2016). Moreover, being a member of EU has caused a high level of Immigration in the UK thus increasing cases of drug trafficking and terrorism. On the same note, EU holds back the economy of Britain. Britain will be better if it leaves the EU. It is the moment that Britain should start making their own laws instead of paying and leaving the EU to make laws for them.



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