Understanding of life and death

Understanding of life and death

Many theories have been put forward to create an understanding of life and death. However, in many instances, people understand life based on social aspects surrounding their lives. For example, understating of life from a religious point of views is common among many communities. Similar understanding explains different concepts that outline the beliefs system of death and life. As a result, there is a need to define the exact features and factors that represents life. Also, ethical and justice theories also provide an opportunity for people to understand the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is believed to originate from philosophical, scientific, and religious contemplations. It is about the existence of social ties and happiness. However, many other forces provide an opportunity to access what defines the meaning of life. In pursuit of understanding well-being and conception of morality, different humanistic approaches have been suggested to give the meaning of life.

Death is one of the humanistic and natural occurrences that has been used to define different aspects that surrounds a person’s life. For example, death is necessary for life to gain meaning. Therefore, the individual sense of life is the derivation of death. Thus, live is understood in two ways. For example, life will inevitably end. However, to other people, growth continues after death, and this draws religious perspectives regarding life after death.

Having a meaningful life is defined as having a purpose and gaining the religious understanding of the plans and meaning of God in one’s life. It is one of the major beliefs that identify factors surrounding humanity defines life. For example, the social world has been linked meaning of life. It is also viewed as having health, gaining wealth, having a fun and happy life. On the contrary, death is one of the significant occurrences that occurs to every person. Biologically, the events mark the end of life. It is defined as permanent cessation of biological functions that initially sustain its existence of the living organism. Therefore, viewing death from these perspectives proves that it does not represent or describes the actual meaning of life.

Based on religious understanding, death is believed as an essential part of an individual’s life. Unlike biological knowledge, most of the religious communities think that growth continues after death. Furthermore, it outlines the kind of life that occurs after death. Therefore, it is viewed in the form of a spiritual realm or being reborn into a new world.  Other beliefs that surround this perspective include the different systems and actions such as reincarnation. The understanding of death is part of human life.

People understand death from all perspectives. For example, one can describe instances or an incident of death when a person dies. Furthermore, it is something that affects everybody. Therefore, death defines the meaning of life. Being an inevitable process it is something that people have understood as part of society. It should then occur since people perceive it as an irreversible activity and that it happens to all living being.

Another instance that makes death meaningful is the way that people handle the end. For example, an example of death requires other living beings to conduct burial or organizing for events that occur during the disposal of human remains. Therefore, if death lacked meaning in life, society could neglect the dead bodies. However, it has a valuable sense to life especially in countries such as India and Africa.

Religious practices also beliefs that death defines life. For example, western religions often beliefs that growth continues after death. For instance, Christianity believes that end is an opportunity that allows people to meet face to face with God. Therefore, this is one of the cases that define the meaning of life. The purpose of adhering to religious activities is to prepare spiritually for life after death. The process makes it part of life. It defines the reason why people live. People live to gain an understanding that the world is a temporary place. Heaven is thought to be the final destination of human beings.

Furthermore, religious beliefs often believe that people who are good would spiritually find a right place after death. The concept then defines the acts and the practices that people adopt toward gaining access to eternal life. The understanding of death provides an opportunity for people to exercise the right values, to be good, kind and have a moral living on earth. Moreover, the teachings also offer an undersigning of the consequences of an evil life. For instance, it believes that evil people do not gain access to eternal life with God. Therefore, it both provides the fate and the future of human beings. Consequently, I think it shapes life and contributes to the earning of life.

Human being reproduces and multiply. Thus the rising population threatens the limited resources existing on earth. Even though the universe is infinite, the earth e only place that supports life. Therefore, death makes meaning to the lives of the younger generations. The occurrence of death provides a room for other people to live and have a purpose to live. It creates a balance between procreation and death. Therefore, death is necessary to ensure that life continues even for other people.

Religion has much value in having a new life. The beliefs such as resurrection the existence of life after death also prove meaningful to live. It is with these concepts that dominant religious groups believe that God is the reason and the meaning of personal experience. Therefore, death makes a primary meaning for this group of people. Thus, it is necessary for them to gain an actual sense of life.

Based on the real-life situation, many evil practices have threatened the lives of people. One of the significant instances includes murder, terrorism and mass shooting of people. Similarly, one of the methods of punishment used is death. It is an important step that allows people to stay in peace. Death defines life for this case since the results would provide peace and happy life to innocent people under threats of such criminals. Killing criminals boost security and thus increase the meaning of life to other people.

Other philosophical views also regard dying as one aspect that makes the meaning of living. At one time, Plato was asked to summarize his achievement in life. After a moment of thought, he outlined practice and dying as the significant factors that offered him a meaningful life. Therefore, one’s sense of mortality is a source of wisdom. It allows people to live each day with happiness and provide the best treatment to other people. It also allows people to connect death to their everyday practices actions. It makes an individual focused and give sense to the essential things in life.

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