Unit VIII Project

As a safety manager for Podunk university, I have decided to focus on hazardous material and hazardous waste issues as being conversant on these topics. It is after touring the campus. The first step is to evaluate and determine the nature of Podunk University's current safety program for each of the departments and the University's commitment to safety as a whole. Secondly, create a safety team that includes everyone involved including department heads, construction companies, instructors, other safety officials, the fire department and emergency management officials. Lastly using resources offered by the National Response Team, Environmental Protection Agency and FEMA to assist in the evaluation of the current program as well as in developing new plans (Haight,2012).

Having that the automotive technology has the highest amount of waste generated, the initial Hazcome efforts should be channeled to it. With the nature of automobile waste and the fact they are flammable and can cost the whole organization if not handled with care, it will be important for the process to start with this department. Following the regulations set by the EPA, it should be identified that the organization or department that produces the most significant quantity of waste which is the automobile, in this case, should be considered before others come in. Additionally, the automobile, in this case, has the most significant volume of physical and chemical hazards in the form of either solvents, oil or pneumatic tools and thus should be taken into serious consideration when handling HazCom process. Since the automobile technology department is recorded to be among the large-quantity waste generators, it must have a ‘’written general waste program under the CFR 40 265.13’’ (Haight, 2012). Another option is the University complying with the accompanying necessities which will help the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Offices (EHSO) in guaranteeing the proper management of specific hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals. The physics department also has an extreme threat to human life and will also be the best place to start followed by a massive area, chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and lastly English departments.

From the case, it is clear that the automotive technology department has a significant number of HazCom issues.

The HazCom program that needs to be implemented must be created in such a way that its critical role is to ensure that human health and safety is given the priority. The automotive

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