Unit VIII Project

As a safety manager for Podunk university, I have decided to focus on hazardous material and hazardous waste issues as being conversant on these topics. It is after touring the campus. The first step is to evaluate and determine the nature of Podunk University’s current safety program for each of the departments and the University’s commitment to safety as a whole. Secondly, create a safety team that includes everyone involved including department heads, construction companies, instructors, other safety officials, the fire department and emergency management officials. Lastly using resources offered by the National Response Team, Environmental Protection Agency and FEMA to assist in the evaluation of the current program as well as in developing new plans (Haight,2012).

Having that the automotive technology has the highest amount of waste generated, the initial Hazcome efforts should be channeled to it. With the nature of automobile waste and the fact they are flammable and can cost the whole organization if not handled with care, it will be important for the process to start with this department. Following the regulations set by the EPA, it should be identified that the organization or department that produces the most significant quantity of waste which is the automobile, in this case, should be considered before others come in. Additionally, the automobile, in this case, has the most significant volume of physical and chemical hazards in the form of either solvents, oil or pneumatic tools and thus should be taken into serious consideration when handling HazCom process. Since the automobile technology department is recorded to be among the large-quantity waste generators, it must have a ‘’written general waste program under the CFR 40 265.13’’ (Haight, 2012). Another option is the University complying with the accompanying necessities which will help the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Offices (EHSO) in guaranteeing the proper management of specific hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals. The physics department also has an extreme threat to human life and will also be the best place to start followed by a massive area, chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and lastly English departments.

From the case, it is clear that the automotive technology department has a significant number of HazCom issues.

The HazCom program that needs to be implemented must be created in such a way that its critical role is to ensure that human health and safety is given the priority. The automotive technology department shares in each of the issues and will need to have a complete, up-to-date chemical inventory. It is critical for all people working under any department within the organization in question to be subjected to practical training that will ensure that they understand the impact of the hazardous materials and the potential of the danger when handling some tools within the organization. (Haight, 2012). All dangerous chemicals and physical hazards will need to be, and MSDS sheets updated and are easily accessible to all employees and students. Another issue is miss understanding inappropriate communication on the harmful oil effects.

Some of the hazardous waste issues in the automotive technology department follow Hazardous waste from numerous automotive engines procedures incorporate solvents, for example, methylene chloride, which is a likely cancer-causing agent that is ordinarily utilized as a part of paint removers. Trichloroethylene which is dissolvable that has been found in groundwater is checked and directed in savoring water in the United States (Haight, 2012). Some of the hazardous waste that can be identified from the automotive technology include Disposal of wastes properly, and insulation of automobile wastes pipes.

The chemistry department has chemicals that have never been inventoried and a new forensics program. The HazCom issues in the chemistry department include lack of precautions in the laboratory on the field of experiments, lack of labeling of chemicals containers and lack of professional lab technician or rather security guidelines in the chemical test equipment (Haight, 2012).

Looking at the situation in the chemistry department, some of the possible hazardous wastes that can be evident include mishandling equipment that is broken. The second one is placinginappropriate color and codes for every bin that are used for disposal and lastly disposal of waste material according to their nature after every experiment.

The best audience to address when you need to communicate about hazards involved when building massive Arena are the people working under the Arena. It is essential to educate all employees the physics understands the possible dangers associated with some specific actions when working undert

he physics department. Failure of having a clear and detailed plan on how to communicate any hazardous aspects within the department can result in accidents which can be fatal and result in loss of health, life, or property.


Hazardous material response issues provide the university with a chance of preparing approaches to handle some HazCom issues within the organization. Most of the well-known soill of dangerous materials for organizations are concerned with the aspects of cleaning the environment and ensuring that everyone operating within the organization are protected from any form of danger. It is critical for hazardous waste to be well disposed of so that it does not impact any biological activities within the area of operation (Haight, 2012). The disposal of waste must be technically done under supervision to ensure that each residue is disposed of affected to prevent any aftermath issues in the environment.

The mathematics and English department also need HazCom training and implementation of the program. To start with, in the mathematics department there exist a large number of waste papers and computers. If the people working under the mathematics and English departments are not well trained they may end up starting the fire within in turn will burn the waste papers and eventually the whole department or institution in question.

Issues considered while selecting trainers are. One, the purpose of the training program to explain and reinforce the information presented to employees through the written mediums of labels and material safety data sheets and to apply this information in their workplace — secondly, specific requirements which reflect the overall purpose of the standard (Haight, 2012).

Providing employees with useful information and training on the concept of hazard management and control is one of the critical aspects that an organization must look into if it is interested in ensuring that the people health, safety, and the overall organization well being is established otherwise the organization may lose a lot of resources in a number of ways. Some of the ways such organization may lose funds include loss of human work hour due to the health complication and loss of property through accidents. (Haight, 2012). One of the necessary but useful approaches to detecting a defect within an organization is through observation and testing for some chemical hazards within an organization. It is critical for an organization to keep across consideration of the employees’ health to ensure that each of the employees is safe and in case there is an issue, an immediate action to be taken.

Considerations when developing your PowerPoint presentation include simplifying and limiting the number of words on each screen using key phrases and include only essential information. The objectives on the power point could consist of: recognize the costs of workplace accidents, recognize benefits of implementing an active safety and health program, describe the elements of an active protection and health program and also identify three methods to prevent workplace hazards (Haight, 2012).

Before marketing one needs to know the details of the solvent, marketing survey to establish the need of the compound in the institution and chemical composition of this solvent.The product is assumed to be a property of the university, and the professor who invented the technology must give possible safety data sheet, label the product and lastly give the precaution that is likely to be taken in case of emergencies. The compound should be environmentally friendly and very efficient (Scannon, Frank, Bernard, Alfred, Dadson, and Robert, Tenerowicz. 2017). The ideal person to market is a Biochemist or an Applied Chemist with marketing skills or someone familiar with these disciplines.

How you going to store the compound becomes very important. The storage facility should be maybe in a warehouse ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with other chemicals and the level of storage should be a foot high. Explosive compounds can form as a result of specific decomposition reactions such as commercial chemicals or chemical samples stored improperly, kept past their expiration dated or heated.


The size of the microbiology laboratory doesn’t affect the hazard communication requirements. The terms still, and the employees have the right and need to know: one, which chemicals they are exposed to. Secondly, the hazards of working with these chemicals and lastly, what steps they can take to protect themselves and those they work with.



Scannon, P.J., Frank A. Bernard, Alfred C. Dadson, and Robert S. Tenerowicz. (2017). Hazard Communication Patent 8,584,538

Haight, J. M. (Ed.). (2012). Hazardous material management and hazard communication (2nd ed.). Des Plaines, IL: American Society of Safety Engineers.

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