Unites States government

The United States government is divided into both the federal government and the state government. The federal government would include the president and the executive. Although the senators have a significant role in the federal government, they also have a considerable role to play in the state government. Within the state government, there is the Governor the senator, and the counties, and below there are municipalities. These governments work hand in hand as per the regulations and the constitution of the United States. The following is the structure of the government.

Federal government

The current president of the United States is Donald Trump. He is from the Republic party, and the next presidential election would be conducted in 2010. Donald Trump would go down the history of the United States as being the fits Billionaire US president after winning the seat in the year 2017. The core of his fortune in the business industry is tied up to his half dozen buildings around the City of New York’s Manhattan.

Senator Florida

The current senator of the county of Florida is Rick Scott. Richard Lynn Scott is a businessman and politician, he was the 45th governor of Florida, and he became the senator of Florida in the year 2019. The next election for the senator would be help on Tuesday march of 2020. Rick is from the Republican Party. His greatest focus as he took to top position in Florida is to create jobs and to turn around the economy of Florida. He was Born in Bloomington Illinois and raised in Kansas City. He is known as an innovator in business healthcare and politics. He specialized in healthcare mergers and acquisitions and it through this work that he learned the need to make a difference in the health industry.


The current governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis. He is an American politician and a former US representative for the Florida 6th congressional district. He is a Republican. The next gubernatorial elections would help in the year 2020. He is also a member of the Freedom Caucus, a group of the most conservative representative in the US house. He was also a founding member of the freedom Caucus that voted for a government shutdown slightly compromising on their strict ideology.


The Mayor heads Broward County Florida. The current mayor Beam Furr that took office in 2017 is set to leave office in 2019. Beam Furr has been a vice mayor for the last year, and his promotion to the position was expected. Beam Furr is a Democrat. The next elections for the position of a major are not yet known.

Pompano Beach

A municipality heads Pompano Beach.

While there is a clear separation of power between the federal government and the local governments, there is coordination between the various levels. While the federal government has important roles in dealing with issues such as security and education among other things, the state government have the task of dealing with their local affairs in regards to development and raising of revenue. However, one thing that seems prevalent in these governments is the effect of politics. In every level of leadership, it is visible that the same politics played in the national level is reflected at the local levels. There is thus a clear indicator that politics has an essential role in the governments.




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