Unity and Leadership


Leadership is essential in any society as it helps to bring order and direct people towards the right direction. Many individuals view leadership from the political scene, but there are many forms of leadership in society. Other ways include leaders of learning institutions and those that head the private sector. It is evident that different individuals have diverse types of leadership. In Africa, those who have been elected to lead nations use various methods to solve the political and social issues facing the citizens. The two leaders that have portrayed excellent leadership skills in the continent comprise Paul Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta respectively. The former is considered to be a born leader while the latter inherited leadership. It is because Uhuru’s father was the first president of the Republic of Kenya. Both Kagame and Uhuru’s leadership skills are similar since they believe in democratic, transformative and charismatic leadership styles.


Kenya is among the developing economies in the world. Currently, the nation  President Uhuru Kenyatta. The state experienced many problems during the times of a single party state. However, the country introduced pluralism, and it is now embracing a democratic form of leadership. The nation has been under four regimes since it attained its independence. Currently, Uhuru Kenyatta is the one leading the nation (Keter). The head of state is currently serving his last term in office. Some of the challenges facing the country include high crime rates, tribalism, and unemployment. It is the reason why President Kenyatta came up with the big four agenda to solve some of these problems. They include food security, manufacturing, affordable healthcare and affordable housing for all the citizens (Government of Kenya). The president involves cabinet secretaries in the decision-making process. Parliament also plays an essential role in making laws before the president approves them. President Uhuru’s main agenda in his last term is to eliminate corruption, poverty, and tribalism.

President Uhuru began the process of uniting the nation after being elected to serve for a second time. This was after the opposition refused to accept the results of elections hence,leading to violence. Afterward, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga decided to set aside their differences for the sake of uniting the whole nation. Before merging, the country was divided along party and ethnic lines(Takeuchi, pg. 121).  This unity of purpose has enabled him to implement his transformative agenda that will bring changes to the nation. Besides, the head of state has made significant steps in the fight against corruption and terrorist groups such as the Alshabaab. In this case, he instructed all the public servant to undergo a lifestyle audit and declare their wealth. Finally, he has managed to protect Kenyans from external aggression by sending soldiers to Somalia to eliminate the terrorists.

Besides, Kagame has was praised for promoting peace in Rwanda and transforming the nation by enhancing development across the nation. It is after the country experienced a civil war that lead to the loss of many lives (Hodler, pg. 10). Paul Kagame also advocates for better trade relationships among nations. Kagame believes that the step will improve the living standards of the people, create jobs and unite all Africans. President Kagame also supports better working relationships and trade ties between Africa and other continents. The presents made the remarks during theAfrican-Europe high-level forum. Kagame also accepted the need for people to trade and work in any part of the globe.

President Kagame also supported a better working association between Africa and Europe. Kagame believes that Africa is a land of opportunities. However, he feels that those who live in the region has not fully tapped the continent’s resources. It is the reason why it is more attractive to investors from different parts of the world. Moreover, President Paul Kagame also encouraged Africans to search for new opportunities in other parts of the world. This will give them a market for their products and allow them to gain unique experience about various issues. Besides, Kagame has always advised the Africans to embrace the idea of a free trade area in the entire continent (Keter). This will simplify trade as individuals will require few formalities before executing transactions beyond their borders. Moreover, he is a champion of African infrastructural development and believes that the continent should have better transport and communication network. As a result, Africa should not be left behind as other regions of the world are developing.


The two presidents have similar characters as their primary objective is to unite people and promote development beyond their borders. It is the reasons why he assures Europeans to invest in Africa. It is because of the availability of resources and cheap labor. Moreover, President Kenyatta advocates for equitable distribution of resources across the country. This portrays Uhuru as a great patriot.

Additionally, Uhuru Kenyatta is urging Kenyans to unite to achieve the big four agenda. On the other hand, Kagame encourages direct foreign investment in Africa. It will create several jobs the Africans.


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