The University of Utah Hospital

Quality is a dynamic aspect, and its measure is dependent on the individual organization or particular product under scrutiny. However, quality is a measure of the total value of the results vis-a-vis the costs incurred in attaining the value. The perfect examples of the contrasting definition of quality can be extracted from the differences among hospitals and traditional businesses. The university of Utah Hospital assesses its quality through the number of customer complaints and aims to minimize the number of complaints raised. Also, the quality of its products is measured through reliability estimates such as the number of patients that are treated effectively. In contrast, the business field is well represented by Taco Bell that also measures its quality band that of its products. However, since the company’s interests are more on profitability, the measure of quality is largely dependent on customer satisfaction. As thus, quality is usually measured by customer feedback and the number of sales made. The profits of the organization serve as a measure of quality as well.

The varied nature of the organizations warrants different expectations of quality outcomes. The University of Utah Hospital is more strict on quality attainment as it dictates the provision of healthcare to the patients. A failure on the part of quality outcome would thus translate into a breach of primary human rights. One of the most important outcomes of the hospital’s quality is the provision of better healthcare and the saving of lives. In contrast, Taco Bell has different expectations and therefore results into different quality outcomes. One of the outcomes is the improvement of sales and the eventual growth of the business. Also, increased quality in the firm would result in outcomes such as loyal customers as well as increased employee retention rates.

Feedback is an important aspect in measuring the quality of any organization. The two organizations have unique feedback channels through which they collect feedback from both customers and employees. At Utah Hospital, customers are given a chance to leave comments and feedback on the nature of service provided. Still, the hospital provides avenues for the employees to give their feedback through daily and weekly reports. In this way, the hospital can ascertain issues that require urgent attention resulting in better quality in the long run. In the case of Taco Bell, feedback is mainly collected through its website that dedicates a large section to customer comments. Besides, the company provides an avenue through which customers can review the company.

Each organization has its unique method of measuring and improving quality as well as the gathering of feedback on the same. However, the outcomes of the processes are geared towards the improvement of the organization’s efficiency. Utah Hospital has an effective way of assessing its quality, presenting significant benefits to the body. Through the incorporation of the views of both customers and employees, the organization benefits through increased customers. Taco Bell’s assessment method is also efficient in that it increases customer satisfaction thus translating into better retention. However, the company has a disadvantage in that it fails to incorporate the views of its employees. Employees of an organization are a big asset, and their views provide valuable insights into the needs of the organization. Further, the company’s reliance on profit makes it susceptible to dips in quality.


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