Using Structured Frameworks

The issue I observed is in an organization is lack of Managers’ consultation and research before adoption or taking action. The management introduced electronic health systems in a hospital to save patient and administration information other than using files.

A SWOT analysis of the situation

SWOT aims to increase the strengths and to minimize the weaknesses of an organization after carrying out an analysis (Thomas, 2003). The strength of the program is that it will save time used to retrieve patient’s information and therefore attend to many within a short time. One of the program’s weaknesses needs to increase human resource to train nurses and repair the system. The opportunities, which the program presents, include increased clients because of fast service delivery. However, the program faces threats such as hacking from computer experts and dependency from the vendors who may invade the privacy of the documents.

Force Field analysis for this situation

The model scans the threat of a project form competitors to identify the challenge and solve it before. The threat to other organizations adopting the same system is low because the attraction of clients will depend on how they will use the program. Other hospitals might use the same services, and therefore the organization will face competition requiring it to look for a sophisticated program. The bargaining power to but the program at a low price is high because the company will buy in bulk. Some hospitals are leading in the market and will want to show clients how ineffective the program is and that it will fail them.

I prefer the Force Field approach because it presents all the challenges, which an organization will face in the marketing of its products against the competitors (Dälken, 2014). Competitors are the major threats of an organization other than the product as SWOT, analyzes.



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