Using Video Modeling to Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Using Video Modeling to Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Topic of the review paper

Using Video Modeling to Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Problem Statement; significance of the educational problem/issue

Autistic children continue to face challenges in attaining independent toileting thus requiring services of caregivers. This development has resulted into negative personal hygiene as well as physical discomforts and reduced levels of self esteem among the autistic children. In a bid to solve the problem, various concepts geared towards the solution of the problem have been floated. Today, video modeling is one of the most applied methods of training children with autism how to use the toilet. However, the results have not been encouraging as far as improvements are concerned. Some children with autism face delayed toileting acquisitions with others never attaining the skill (Lee et al, 2014). This scenario has raised concern on the effectiveness of video modeling in toilet training of children with autism. The problem is highly significant in understanding the issues that children with autism face. In addition, the results of this study will contribute to the improvement of the education potential of these children as they can comfortably attend classes.


Important research findings

The subject of toilet training among children with disabilities has been explored widely over the recent past. However, most of these studies have not focused on the attainment of related skills such as flushing the toilet and undressing before using the toilet (Szyndler, 1996). The result is that there is a gap in the understanding of the specif

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