Vacation Policy Changes Notification Email

Vacation Policy Changes Notification Email

To: University staff members

From: Assistant supervisor

Subject: vacation policy changes notification

Date:  1st December, 2016.

Dear university staff members,

Acting as the assistant supervisor for the university staff union now writes this email to brief you on the few changes that will occur on our staff vacation policies. As you requested, I contacted the supervisor, and he gave the following directives that must be followed. After listening carefully to his audio voice mail, he emphasized that changes will apply to everyone, changes will take immediate effect starting January first at the beginning of the year, staff to comply with modifications and in the case of a query to write a formal complaint letter to the manager. Additionally, vacation policy changes for exempt staff members who will be given more vacation days for new employees, exempt staff will eliminate carry-over vacation days and lastly there will be an additional holiday for all staff members as stated in section II effective with the fiscal year.

The university has issued a directive that, by the beginning of 2017, the highest number of vacation time that a member of staff can accrue will be reduced incrementally over a three-year period. The key objective of vacation policy change is planned to assist departments in the institution and entities eliminate having to set aside some money from their budgets to cater for large accruals of time off that aren’t used.

Following the response to the university’s urge to save money across the institution, the all-out amount of holiday’s time staff can be reduced to fifty days starting January first, 2017. Formerly, at the start of the following years 2018 and 2019 for the campus calendar, the maximum amount will be decreased to 330 hours and 280 hours respectively. Under the existing policy, the maximum amount of holiday period that can be stacked is 450 hours. This exceeds the recommended average vacation time by far which is supposed to be an accrual of 220 hours for an advantage contrasts group that comprises other research campuses, according to Diane Peck vice president for human resource.

The moment the workers exhaust their maximum, they no longer get extra hours until their holiday balance falls below the cap. But, for the exempt staff members, there will be additional hours. The importance of this email to employees is to help them plan how to use their accrued vacation plus keeping their balances within and below the new maximums. Exempt staff and employees whose holiday’s balances go beyond the maximums will not lose those hours.

Provost John explains that, if the holiday is not used within the set period, the remaining days puts an extra budget because employees must be paid as well as funding the accrued vacation at  Concerning budget planning, the supervisor said, some faculties and entities could require workers to utilize all holidays gained throughout the year. Some will involve the staff to take an extra vacation that will impact the stabilities that drop below these maximums. According to the supervisor, as far as workers are given ample time of notice of the necessities to utilize the vacation, those arrangements will be allowable.

This policy will apply to all university staff who are regular status, full-time and part-time workers. This policy will not cover staff employees who are paid monthly. Their work program and time off will be determined with their departments head.


Tina McAden,

Assistant supervisor.

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