VALS Survey

From the results of the VALS survey, my primary VALS type is experiencers consumer group while my secondary type is innovators.

  • Would you have guessed that you would have been in this group?

Without taking the survey, I would not have guessed that I would have been in this group. It is only through using the survey that I was able to know the group that I fall. Actually, it is difficult to guess the group because I would be giving an incorrect information.

  • How would you rate VALS™ in terms of market segmentation?

My rating on VALS would be highly satisfactory. The system’s use of market segmentation is based on personality traits that drive the behaviors of the consumer. The two critical concepts that are used to understand consumers include primary motivation and resources.

  • Why it is important for marketers to know VALS™?

Knowing VALS will help marketers to attain strategic marketing and communication goals. VALS provides marketers with fresh perspectives by putting them inside the head of their customers. Second, marketers would be able to get rich, customized profiles of the consumers (The U.S VALS™ Survey, n.d). Lastly, it provides a platform that allows marketers to access a distinctive communication style of their best targets.

  • How and when should this information be used?

The information obtained from VALS’ survey should be used in the following ways. Information on demographics should be used to project market demand since it describes what people are. Information on the behaviors of the consumers should be used in positioning since it describes how people live. Lastly, the information obtained regarding the attitudes of the consumers should be used to identify the trends that influence their behavior. For the case of experiencers, they are the first in, first out of trend adoption (The U.S VALS™ Survey, n.d). Therefore, the information on VALS should be used when forecasting the behaviors of the consumers.



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