Vasculitis Inflammation

Vasculitis involves a type of inflammation that results from malfunction of the vascular lumen which causes improper functioning on the vascular thus is further termed as a systemic process that affects tissues and organs differently. For instance, some muscles may be affected .more compared to the others.

Quercetin is one of the vital dietary, components that play a crucial role in the generation of the enzymes in the body. It is found in most of the fruits and nuts thus exist in the form of flavonols thus acts as an antioxidant by inhibiting oxidative species from generating enzymes such as xanthine oxidase.

Cell cycle regulation, tyrosine Kinase inhibition, it extracts with the type II estrogen binding sites

The questions addressed by the authors include the following: Finding out the effect of selected flavonoids quercetin on inflammasome activation, Assessing ASC speck formation and finding the contribution of the compounds towards the treatment of Kawasaki disease vasculitis.

The experiments conducted included Immuno-pharmacologic mechanism of the flavonoids on inflammasome activated macrophages in vitro, Extraction of the bacterial cell wall.


Mouse model of Kawasaki was used since it mimics histological features of the lesions in coronary artery

The activation of NLRP3 inflammasome occurred along with the role of IL-1beta i the development of abdominal aorta aneurysm(AAA) to create dilation observed in the mouse. In Vitro was conducted for the ASC oligomerization to identify the treatment effects on the inflamed mouse.

Sandwich Elisa. Acquiring reagents such as analyte antibodies. Testing the instrument to be used. Conducting assay experiment to test the suitability of matrix compatibility. Selecting an optimization process and identifying precision profiles. Finally, the validation process is performed to determine factors such as automation and recovery analysis.

Figure 1 suggested that the flavonoids associated with lysosome destabilization thus quercetin treatment had minimal effect on TNF-alpha

There was no antibiotic effect on the quercetin

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