“Venus” of Urbino and Olympia

The first art is referred to as the “Venus” of Urbino and was painted by Titian. The painting portrays a beautiful Venetian woman showcasing provocative gestures on the couch, in a spacious house. From the face of it, it would be easy to conclude that the painting portrays aspects of seductiveness or mythology. However, the actual message associated with the painting is that of marriage. The matrimonial aspect can be viewed through the pair of cassoni being held by the servant in the background. The bridal symbolism is also evidenced by the roses and myrtle held in Venus’ hands. The spaniel snoozing is also a traditional symbol of fidelity.

The second artwork is referred to as Olympia and was painted by Edouard Manet. The title of the painting alluded to a prostitute that was regarded as being socially ambitious. The painting was based on “Venus” of Urbino by Titian. The message being portrayed by this painting was that of a prostitute. Among the things that help to shape this message is her confrontational gaze, her bracelet, the orchid in her hair, pearl earrings, the symbol of wealth and sensuality among others.

The artworks reflect the culture and society of that period as being biased. This is because there are two women who appear to be naked. However, they are given a different interpretation. One is regarded as a prostitute while the other one is treated as a symbol of marriage. The things surrounding them have been used to make these conclusions.

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