Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles is an American motorcycle manufacturing company based in Town of Spirit Lake, the county of Iowa. The firm began producing the bikes back in 1998 under its parent company called Polaris which deals in the manufacturing of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. The company under Matt Parks who was the General Manager conducted comprehensive research on the market base, gap and how to deal with the stiff competition from the already established firms such as Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company and Indian Motorcycles Company (Dapper and Klancher, 2018).

Through Polaris’ extensive experience in the motor industry, very experienced engineers and designers, as well as the competent sales management victory motorcycles, was capable of developing to become the second largest producer of American luxury motorcycles in the world. The firm has also grown so much to compete with these firms in terms of market base, quality of bikes and other motorcycle accessories. This development is as a result of the proper strategic management and strategic thinking that the firm has put in place (Dapper and Klancher, 2018).

Some of these strategies include; outlining a specific target for its products namely motorcycle enthusiasts that are men of the age of 35 to 54 who own and ride a starter bike or competitors bike. That is precisely the age of most riders, and that strategy helped them to reach their audience and potential buyers easily as compared to a vague age group of potential buyers. Over the years the brand has applied two context based and location strategies. The strategy enabled the firm to increase awareness of its products such as motorcycles and other accessories to the potential buyers. The approach also helped the firm to promote the physical experience achieved from the riding of the Victory motorcycles.

It should be noted that at the beginning the main business level strategy used by the firm was the production of unique or different products such as motorcycles and accessories that could help them cut the edge against their rivals such as Harley Davidson and Indian companies. The firm produced new products that were very efficient compared to the other firms and hence many buyers fell for their products especially when they entered the market. The differentiation strategy had a boost of high quality, quality features, excellent customer service, product innovation, and image management (Soltanizadeh et al. 2016).

Despite the use of all these strategies, the firm has not always hit its sales target. The firm also needs to increase differentiation by moving with the wave and the wave is electrical products to help conserve the environment. The firm needs to produce new bikes that can be electric or utilizing other alternative energy sources to be at par with its competitors. Lastly, the firm needs to apply the strategy that Apple uses, producing a fixed number of motorcycles over a given period and the moving to new or advanced of the old one. By so doing it will do away with the early versions of Vision and Ness and create new bikes to compete with the other firms that keep producing new motorcycles. This strategy combined with the cost leadership strategy will ensure it succeeds in business (Dapper and Klancher, 2018).

The only challenge that exists in the execution of the above strategy is Polaris, the parent company which has over the years shown its intention of venturing into other forms of bikes which are arguably the competitors to luxury bikes (Soltanizadeh et al. 2016).

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