The Video Regarding Michele De Montaigne Writings

This video’s purpose is to encourage the unhappy people to be happy for who they are and what they have achieved. It stipulates that you do not need to have a university degree to be happy. The main idea of the video is that humans should never despise themselves. We should concentrate with what we like and not what our role models dictate.

Much of the information from this video comes from the writings of Michele De Montaigne, who was a philosopher in the 16th century. Alain De Botton authors the video inspired by his book the consolations of philosophy (Botton, “A Guide to Happiness: Montaigne on Self-Esteem”).

Michelle De Montaigne

Montaigne concentrated with bringing in aspects of philosophy that other philosophers did not write nor talk about. He talked mostly about the ordinary things about himself. Montaigne focused on himself in his writings, and this influenced other writers as it does to the essays people write today.

On self-esteem, Montaigne thought about the feeling of inadequacy including intellectual inadequacy and bodily inadequacy. He explains that there is a difference between wisdom and education. Human beings do not need to be educated to be wise (Botton, “A Guide to Happiness: Montaigne on Self-Esteem”). Be happy with what you have achieved. Again, he argues that we should not be disgusted with the way we look.

Montaigne thought that every society has what it considers normal and abnormal, and this should not be a basis for people to prejudice others. For a college class, Montaigne suggested that people do not need to have a college degree to be wise. To be wise, one needs to have humility, modernity, and acceptance of one’s intellectual capability (Botton, “A Guide to Happiness: Montaigne on Self-Esteem”). Colleges should not award for learning rather for wisdom.  To understand other cultures; Montaigne suggests that people should understand the values, forms of life and ideals of other cultures and to open their minds and grasp how to communicate and interact with people of different values.


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