Video Response: Art of the Western World

This video instructional series on art history for students and adults learners is an exceptional portrayal of western art. It equally fascinates and educates both experienced art historians as well as people who are interested in an introduction to art history.

Art ofthe Western World- Episode 1: The Legacy of Greece

This art video follows the heritages of humanism and the perpetual classical character to ancient Greece. The video centers on the astounding impact that Greek art has had on modern culture. The video does not present a survey of ancient works of art from Greece but is a discussion by prominent experts on the growth and advancement of earliest Greek art relative to the evolution of human cognizance. For example, this episode presents a lecture by a renowned consultant on Greek art at the Achmolean Museum located in Cambridge. The lecture displays ancient Greek art from seventh and eighth centuries, BCE. It then follows the development of Greek art to portray realism in its sculpture, and how for the period of the golden age of Pericles, transformed into an instrument of humanity viewing itself as personages in control over their own destiny, as opposed to mere obscure participants in regimes and empires.

Art of the Western World – Episode 3: A White Garment of Churches

Episode 3 focuses on the churches and cathedrals built in Europe during the tenth century, that is, the Romanesque period, through the high Gothic period. It depicts how with the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Christian religion thrived with the church acting as the patron of monumental Romanesque sculpture and architecture. The episode displays how architects of the middle age made use of Roman principles of architecture and engineering, as well as how they advanced and polished roman building techniques, to fashion the extraordinary churches and cathedrals of the middle ages. It not only focusses on the cathedrals found in France and Spain, but also concentrates on the Norman spread of Romanesque architecture to England.

This video series isintense and informative. It is recommendedto any serious appreciator of western art.


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