Aristotle defines virtues as a characteristic of mind, which helps individuals to attain a good life. Besides, Aristotle states that a good life is one that a person lives with a reason. The two types of virtue include moral and intellectual virtues. Aristotle relates virtues with faculty, passion, and traits of character since they are part of the mind. Acquiring virtues of character means that one should make it a habit. Doing virtuous things involves making the right decision and practicing. Becoming a virtuous person does not happen by accident, it includes thoughtful considerations and making the right path.

Virtue ethics emphasizes on desirable characteristics that a moral person exemplify as opposed to engaging in an activity or duty that results in good consequences. With virtues of ethics, a person focuses on choosing an inward behavior rather than depending on external laws. Aristotle argues that the character of a person determines his/her choices. For instance, possessing the virtue of ethics makes one moral. Every individual should focus on eudaimonia. One can attain eudaimonia by practicing virtues. Conversely, Kantian deontology emphasizes on adhering to ethical duties. According to Kant, morality does not rely on the consequences of a person’s actions. You can judge a moral agent by the motive of his/her actions and not the outcome of his/her character. With utilitarianism, the right choice of action is one that results in more beneficial consequences over evil acts. Besides, you can justify an evil act if the consequence produces the greatest happiness. Regarding my personal life, the virtue ethics I possess brings happiness to me and the society. Virtue ethics focuses on the importance of a person, motives, and conscience. Conversely, since utilitarianism stresses on actions that bring greatest happiness, one can lie to make more people happy, which is wrong. A deontologist will argue that it is always wrong to lie regardless of the outcome.

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